Amsterdam on a bike

It could be said that bicycles are tradition way of transport in Netherlands; they are symbol of the Dutch capital city Amsterdam, but also of the whole country. Bikes are eco – friendly, they are probably the cheapest form of transport you can get, and they are even good for your health. There are even more reasons to choose bike as an option for moving and sightseeing in Amsterdam, everywhere in the city there are special paths for those riding a bicycle, they have the same and even more rights in the traffic. All these are good reasons when on a holiday in Amsterdam to rent a bike and go for a ride in the city.


Amsterdam is big city so moving on foot is not a good option, the public transport, on the other hand, is quite good and well organized, and there is bus, tram and metro you can take at no more than 20 minutes to any destination, but going with public transport can get quite expensive.  There are bicycle paths literally everywhere in Amsterdam; bikers have same or even more rights than the other participants in the traffic. The other thing that make bike best option for transport are the rent – a – bike shops which are scattered all around the city so you can easily rent and for a fair price.

The city is among the richest cities and most visited, you can go riding in the parks of Amsterdam; Amsterdam Bos is one of the biggest parks in Europe with many lakes and paths to ride and enjoy. Riding along the canals is another excellent experience, going through the different areas of the city with diverse and beautiful architecture and surrounding. Go and visit the museum and Museumplain or the city squares, it is a wonderful experience riding in the Amsterdam.

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