Attractions in Nimes, France

The grandeur of the Roman Empire has left its mark on much of Europe , on the lands surrounding the Mediterranean , in the vicinity of the East, among many places. To our surprise, not only in Rome we find lavish theaters, entertainment centers, an amphitheater


In Nimes, a city south of France, we find many memories of the well preserved Roman times, including an amphitheater (the Arena of Nimes) capable of dazzling people by its size and its effect: in it, even bullfights are held. The Coliseum in Nimes is located in the heart of the city, and dates from the first century. And Nimes also relics lavish sum for his collection: a Roman aqueduct crosses the same time part of the city, one of the most famous of the old Empire still standing.

To continue emulating Rome, Nimes also retains the Maison Carré, an incredibly well-preserved Roman temple. The remaining ruins and museums complete a not so small ” Rome” in France . Nimes shown today, as an eclectic mix of Rome , the Spanish influence, and of course, French culture coexisting in the same city. All these characteristics are evident in the architecture, as in the customs of its inhabitants, including a bullfighting festival in May.

And each time, too much to see: the Jardines de la Fontaine , dating from the seventeenth century and integrate the list of notable gardens of France, or the Museum of Modern Art (Carré d’art).

Located just twenty minutes by train from Montpellier , and less than four hours from Paris , with connections to every hour, Nimes is certainly a point missed in France , where we feel confused between so much to see, so many influences.

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