Beach of the Cathedrals in Lugo

One of the most spectacular beaches of Spain declared a natural monument, where steep cliffs fall sky and sea. In’ve told you the best nudist beaches in Spain, you have the beach Lugo Kaolin or Portonovo. Today we talk about other nudist beach is but one of the most beautiful of Lugo, the beach Ribadeo Cathedrals.


As Catedrais the beach or the Cathedrals

It is the name that is known colloquially to the beach of Aguas Santas. It is so called because the way they acquire a cliffs that seem cathedrals, began to use this name and now everyone uses it. It is located in the province of Lugo about 10 kilometers from Ribadeo in Galicia. It is a natural monument by the Ministry of Environment of the Xunta de Galicia.

A beach that changes depending on whether high or low tide. At low tide or low tide is when we see the various caves and arches of the beach. The passage of time and action has caused water whimsical shapes in the rocks of the cliffs. The beach is about twenty feet below the cliff, is still on the beach when the tide is when we discover these stunning cliffs.


Cracks, arches and sculpted into the rock. Huge arches that evoke the arches of an ancient Gothic cathedral. Huge blocks of stone that together resemble natural columns. At the end of walk on the beach is where we see the most photographed landscapes, several arcs in a row.

The beach has parking area in the summer although it is quite difficult to find a place. Near the beach there are camping areas in different categories where you can make camping in the countryside. Do not forget to check our article should not be missing in your camping nunc.

You can also enjoy a good meal or a drink at the restaurant the Cathedrals which has a wonderful view of the beach


If you visit the beach

Remember it is important to visit and low tide or when the tide is low, otherwise you can not appreciate the beauty of its cliffs. It is better to take the tides called “spring tides” which is when the water rises and falls even more than the normal tide, so you can even get to the nearest beaches through sand.

There is a boardwalk that allows you to spot the most interesting.

It is best to guiding you through the information on tides, calculating when it might be lower, we must take into account sea level tends to rise suddenly and quite fast, so it’s best to heed forecasts of tides in the area. Enjoy a breathtaking view.



Directions to the Beach of the Cathedrals.

Being a well known beach accesses are clearly signposted. By taking the national road from Highway 634 or -8 also see an exit to the beach of the Cathedrals.

Coordinates of the Beach of the Cathedrals
Latitude: 43 ° 33’13 .37 “N
Length: 7 ° 9’32 .67 “W



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