Bitola – the city of consuls

In the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia is the city of Bitola, a little city with great history and culture. The region in the city and around the city has been inhabited many centuries ago, and near the center of the city is the ancient city of Heraclea Lynkestis, the name is dedicated to the hero Heracles and Lynkestis means ‘the land of the Lynx‘.  The ancient city has many colorful mosaics and old building, some of which are well preserved, there are also many statues and artifacts found here, most of them can be seen in the museum in the city of Bitola.


The city of Bitola is surrounded by mountains, the mountain Baba with its peak Pelister is home to the European lynx, which sadly is rarely seen. Pelister is also well known because of the pine tree Molica which is unique specie and it is only found on a few mountains on the Balkans, this mountain has abundant flora and fauna and offer many scenic sights. On the southern side of the city is the biggest Macedonian plain Pelagonia.

At the center of the city is the main street Sirok Sokak, which is a pedestrian zone, it has beautiful architecture with many neo – classical buildings and many establishments, such as restaurants, pubs and shops. Bitola is known as the city of consuls, there were many consulates opened in the city and many are remaining now, most of them are located on the main street. The main street is always very lively and crowded, and many enjoy their coffee in some of the pubs here. At the start of the Sirok Sokak is the square Magnolia and here are also the old Clock Tower and two mosques. Bitola has many restaurants where you can try traditional food, famous Macedonian wines and few Macedonian beers.


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