Buracona-A Naturally Crafted Pool

At the west of the island of Sal in Cape Verde is a small bay and cape surrounded by palm trees. Buracona is one of the few renowned tourist attractions in the country. The formation of this eye-catching view is naturally formed in lava rocks by the ocean. An amazing site when water turns to magical turquoise whilst hit by the light in the right angle.

buracona 2

A Picturesque of Buracona

Buracona Pool is surrounded with the mountain Morro Lestre on one side and ocean in the other side. The rest of the surroundings of this fantastic spot are just plain dessert. The sea is rough that anyone cannot swim into the water but divers can explore the hidden caves and grottos. Adventurous journeys of 5km gravel with bumps, rocks and sand will be experienced when travelling from the roads of Palmeira to Buracona. Butterscotch, tan red, light brown and rarely are the natural colors of the cape’s soil.

Taste the Wonder of Blue Eye Buracona

Blue eye is the reflection of tunnel undersea. Experience the natural tidal swimming pool in the volcanic rocks located along the coast of near Buracona. At the top of the Blue Eye is an opening of the rocks where tourists can enjoy diving. It’s good to witness the turquoise, clear and calming sea as the afternoon light cannot penetrate into the bottom.

Buracona holds the beauty that is personally shaped by the hands of nature. A must see attraction and one of a kind in the globe….

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