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Attractions Of London

London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom isfilled with exciting places to visit. Every year, many tourists visit London. There are many beautiful places in London which are worth visiting. And which also makes it a spotlight.



The National Gallery, it is the nation’s most important repository of art. Four million visitors come yearly to admire its almost 2300-plus Western European paintings of old times, from the year 1250 to 1900.



The Tower Bridge is also in the list. London was still a thriving port in 1894 when elegant Tower Bridge was built. Designed to be raised to allow ships to go through, electricity has now taken over from the original steam engines. A lift leads up from the northern tower to the overpriced Tower Bridge Exhibition. The same ticket gets you into the engine rooms below the southern tower. Below the bridge on the City side is Dead Man’s Hole, where dead bodies that had made their way into the Thames (through suicide, murder or accident) were regularly retrieved



Most importantly, The Buckingham Palace which was Built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, Buckingham Palace replaced St James’s Palace as the monarch’s official London residence in 1837. You can tour this palace by a purchasing a ticket called A Royal Day Out it is a combined ticket including the tour of State Rooms, Queen’s Gallery and Royal Mews



However, The Battersea Park, With its Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth sculptures, these 50 hectares of beautiful greenery lies between the Albert and Chelsea Bridges. The park’s tranquil appearance hides a bloody past: it was the site of an assassination attempt on King Charles II in 1671 and of a duel in 1829 between the Duke of Wellington and an opponent who accused him of treason.



Moreover, Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction located in Central London, housed in the former London Planetarium. It is famous for recreating famous people and celebrities, in wax. It is the original Madame Tussauds attraction, having been situated on Marylebone Road since 1884. It was set up by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. Millions and millions of people have flocked through the doors of Madame Tussauds since they first opened over 200 years ago and it remains just as popular as it ever was.



Deciding to visit London on your next vocations would not be a bad idea.






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Things To Do In Scotland


Tourism is one of Scotland’s most worthwhile assets. St Andrews Links is considered the “home of golf”. Golf is the sports that is been played here since 15th century. Scotland is the second largest city of UK. Here I will tell you about some places you should visit in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle has an important role in Scottish history. In 1920s it was the British Army’s main base but now it is most popular, expensive and the most famous tourist attraction. The entrance of Edinburgh castle is flanked by soaring statues of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.

Waterfront Fish House Restaurant

Waterfront Fish House Restaurant is among the most beautiful restaurants in Scotland. It has an awesome view of water as it is situated on the top of the converted seamen’s mission. It has dark wooden furniture which gives a stunning look. The cuisine is just exceptional and delicious with mouth-watering presentations and services.  It is the best place to book for dinner with your partner.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum has two buildings; one is for all modern collections and second is for all victorious compilations. The five floors of the museum trace the history of Scotland. It has decorative arts of ancient Egypt, Islam, China, Japan, Korea and the West.

Prince Street Gardens

This beautiful garden rests in a valley. The west half of the garden is the Ross Bandstand, it is the perfect and most booked venue for open air concerts in summer. At the gate there is the Floral Clock; a working clock laid out in flowers.

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For The Love Of Sydney!!

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Sydney is the most beautiful and eye-catching city for the tourists of Australia. Also, Sydney is the only city of the world which combines coastal living with the urban buzz. It has around 70 beaches, each better than the other one and many of harbor coves. The beaches mentioned below are the most striking and attractive beaches of Sydney.

Cronulla Beach

The distinction of Cronulla Beach is in its journey. It can only be reached by train, one of its kinds in Sydney. It is a popular surfing beach. Local schools provide surfing lessons here. South Cronulla is a sandy beach with gentle waves perfect for evening tranquil walks. The spectacle of sunset is magnificent.

Nielson Park

Nielson Park has stupendous harbor views. The park was established as a public reserve. It is the most popular family beach and picnic area for respectable families in Eastern Suburbs.  The park has toilets, tables, kiosks and obviously the beach itself to entertain you.

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach is yet another fascinating beach of Sydney. Centered on a triangle shaped sand bank, the well-known activity on this beach is boating. Your heart will race speedily as the boat floats high and low along with the waves. The boat-riding community here is massive in number and enthusiastic about its passion.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the exclusive beach of the Sydney which blesses you with an awe-inspiring vista of the ocean view. Palm Beach remains well-populated by surfers, swimmers, sailors, joggers and hikers. It looks more attracted with its kiosks, car parking and other facilities.

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Fight Your Jet Lag


Jet lag is every traveler’s enemy! They just want to beat it at any cost, they all fight really fiercely; some cope with it others either count sheep the entire night or snore for multiple days!

  • Stimulate your new schedule a few days preceding your departure. Go to bed half an hour earlier prior to an eastward trip and later for a westward visit.
  • Schedule your flight to an evening arrival; try to stay up till 9 p.m. local time.
  • Adjust your watch according to the destination time zone before landing. It is psychological and helps your mind to adjust according to the new place.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine during the flight as they stimulate alertness. Stay hydrated as much as you can.
  • Stretch your muscles during the flight. Get up, move around, and take a walk in the plane.
  • Avoid heavy meals just after landing.
  • Light exercise early in the morning is helpful. But heavy exercises near bedtime worsen the situation.
  • Consider Natural Light Therapy.
  • Take a hot water bath before going to sleep. It relaxes your muscles and eases out all the tension from a hectic long flight.
  • Bring emotional objects from home; family photograph, favorite pillow, or blanket to ease your mind especially for teens and less frequent travelers.
  • Try sleep medication
  • Consider Melatonin.
  • Since jet lag is mostly psychological, do not think or fuss about it much. The more you’ll think about it, the deeper you’ll be trapped in this condition.

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5 Things-to-do in Karachi



Pakistan has attracted tourists to a great extent. Mostly, tourists remain confined to the uphill and northern mountainous areas of Pakistan. If you are also one of such tourists then you are seriously missing something incredibly innovative and entertaining in Pakistan – the city of Karachi!

Let’s see what is there for you to get pleasure from in Karachi:

  • Beaches – for all the water-lovers. The exotic beaches of Karachi have multiple aquatic recreational activities; the largely enjoyed of these is boating. Experience the thrill of boating in Karachi; leap into the waters to catch the escaping crabs and fishes and amuse yourself with soothing vista.
  • 3D Cinema – for the live-hearted ones.  Atrium Mall features a 3D Cinema is the spot that magnetizes all youth to itself. It also offers a high-quality shopping mall.
  • Do Darya – for the food junkies. Do Darya is a food street with around 50 spots. Every spot is located near the Arabian Sea shore. Eating seafood or desi karahi with waves stroking your feet very gently; the feel is just so tranquil!
  • Shopping – for the lavish ones. Shopping is an enjoyable experience as this city holds many shopping centers both traditional as well as contemporary. Zainab Market, Light House and Chawla Baazar portray the conventional old Karachi, while Park Towers, Dolmen Mall, Zam Zama and HyperStar are one of the most modern and advanced shopping malls of Asia.
  • Safari Park – time for some electrifying rides. A visit to the Safari Park is loved equally by both children and adults. It is a recreational adventure park with numerous exciting and heart-stopping rides. One corner has been dedicated to nature; represented by a mini zoo with a vast variety of animals and birds.
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Go Crazy With The Heart-Racing Water Slides In Australia

Planning a luxury trip to Australia? Pack your favorite swimsuit and get prepared for some wet fun out there. The water parks in Australia are too thrilling with crazy, mind blowing and mind boggling rides there.

Wet and Wild Water World


It is as fervent as the name suggests. Wet ‘n’ Wild is the largest Australian water park. Located in Queensland, Wet ‘n’ Wild has something for everyone whether you are a 4-year-old hyperactive boy or a 40-year-old tranquil man. It presents a variety of crazy fanatical rides to some very gentle lagoons. The extreme funnel slides, the twirling Whirlpool and the shriek-inducing Surfrider entertain the thrill-seekers. For little babes they offer an aquatic playground Buccaneer Bay.

White Water World

images (3)

Get ready for some heart-stopping slides and lung-testing shrieks at the White Water World. Their crowd-attracting-feature is the Blue Ringed Octopus waterslide. It hurtles riders down its tentacle to plunge them into darkness and then are sucked down a massive whirlpool gurgler. Kids are entertained by the Wiggle World. There they enjoy teeny-tiny slides, colorful water cannons to fight with and interactive water sprays.

Manly Waterworks


Manly Waterworks, Sydney can endlessly entertain you from dawn till dusk.  This water park is a particular fascination for those who are young at heart. With its crazy Cobra and Python rides, and the frenetic Insane Earthworm, this park is totally action-packed!



Geelong Adventure Park


Geelong is not such a thriller as the above ones are. With its go-karts, paddle boats, golf course, flying foxes, aqua bikes, canoeing and adult jumping castle, Geelong Adventure Park is for kids and recreation-needing adults. Their wet treat is the Super Six Lane Aqua Racer.


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Places To Visit In Pakistan

Pakistan has always charmed its tourists. Despite of the instability and insecurity, summers always magnetize backpackers to Pakistan.

Let’s brood over the alluring destinations that you just cannot miss when you visit Pakistan:


5000years back, this city was a wonder of planning, development and engineering. Mohenjo-daro is today a World Heritage Site. Its museum is well furnished with countless household items excavated from one of the most ancient cities of the world.




Fort-Road Food Street

The food street of Lahore is an arena of mouth watering desi cuisine. Resting across Lal Qila, Fort-Road Food Street has hundred distinct points, all offering the best of Pakistani food.

images (5)



Scorching sun attracts tourist to Karachi. The beaches of Karachi are breathtakingly beautiful, serene and picturesque. Near the Arabian Sea, an artificial island, the Churna Island, is reaching competition.



Hunza has been named as the Most Photogenic Spot on Earth. The Hunza valley is enveloped within soaring snow capped mountains. It is the most frequently toured site of Pakistan.

Hunza Valley



Swat is entitled to be the Mini Switzerland of Pakistan. The sights are awe-inspiring. Malam Jabba is repeatedly visited for ski resorts. Many valleys and forests attract nature-loving foreigners.

download (1)


Lake Saif ul Mulook

Myth says fairies come down the lake at the full moon night every month. The water is so fresh, tranquillizing and reflective. Nights are frosty; winters freeze the lake, augmenting the splendor.

download (2)



World’s highest Polo Ground – Shandur is well populated by foreigners every year at the Shandur Polo Festival. Free style Polo and treats of mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, overnight camping is loved by all.

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A Peek Into The Pradise

Hunza Valley

Can you guess this part of the world? No?! Hunza Valley, Pakistan..! Hunza, the real life green paradise on earth, is probably Pakistan’s most toured valley. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautifully rugged & snow capped mountains, high peaks, fresh water lakes, lush green meadows. Tourists have popularly named Hunza “The Shangri-la of James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon.” It is considered as the most Photogenic point in the world.

Situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters, Hunza’s tourist season is from May to October, you can find friendly 42958hospitable people greeting you all around the year. The local dialect is Shina. Urdu and English are also spoken and understood. A wide variety of fruits are grown here; apricots, apples, cherries, almonds, walnut, mulberry etc. One of the main activities of the locals is cultivation of abricots; their ladies then dry these abricots in the sun by spreading them on their roofs.

Hunza offers numerous tours and activities to its visitors:

Sunrise Safari – Drive early morning by jeep to Duikar (10000 ft). Watch the snow capped mountains as sun lits all the snow capped peaks one by one. View is breath-taking!

Few steps to China – Drive early morning to Khunjerab Pass, enjoy the stunningly amazing landscape in front of your eyes. Have some snack and walk a few steps in China. Return to Hunza late Afternoon.

Heaven on Earth – Drive up to Passu to experience the majestic views of the Karakorum. Walk in the Gulmit village and hike to Passu glacier. Scenery is beyond description. Seriously!

Then hiking and trekking trips, biking, paragliding, cultural trips, and trip to the national museum can also be arranged.

Don’t forget to enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the magnificent Rakaposhi (7,788m) and to take portions of dried abricots back home!

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No Other Place can Beat Greece for the Best Honeymoon Destination


When it comes to honeymoon destinations, everyone will try to find the best place to spend romantic moments through search engines. There will be numerous places to visit as almost all countries in the world offer magnificent venues to visit. If you are one of those newly wed couples, then you should consider Greece as one of the best destinations to spend your unforgettable, intimate moments.

Greece is always famous for its exotic natural panoramas which become major charms for tourists throughout the world. Among so many European countries and islands, no other place can beat this lovely country, thanks to fascinating tourism resorts which are always refreshing to everyone’s eyes. Beaches are what everyone wants to visit in Greece as most beaches have serene surroundings with charming white-yellowish sands.

Most hotels and accommodation resorts in Greece are especially meant for those who want to spend lovely honeymoon. Most of those hotels or cottages are five-star rated and they provide the best amenities which are full of elegance. However, there are also some average-rated hotels or hostels that people with limited budget can choose. They are still very comfortable to stay, as they are very neat and tidy. Restaurants are also varied in terms of cuisines and rates so there are flexible options for everyone.

Definitely, Greece is for everyone and those who are deeply in love. There are thousands of islands in this lovely country and none of them should be taken for granted. Some places offer incredible activities like beach night party, diving, or other water sports activities like Aegina, Zakynthos, Mykonos, and Santorini.

There are still many other places to explore in Greece and it is best to find the best package deals through so many online travel agents. Choose some special packages offering well-priced accommodation and entries to lovely places because most package deals are affordable enough.


Pure Polo at the Top of the World


Passionate for Polo? Shandur invites you to experience the highest level of Polo on the world’s highest Polo ground – The Shandur-Top (3,700 meters). Since 1936 Polo tournament is being held at Shandur Pass annually in the first week of July between the local teams of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral.

The version of the game played at Shandur-Top has attained legendary status and is of great interest to both international and domestic tourists. There are no umpires, no holds barred, no rules! Players rarely wear helmets, the horses’ legs often have no bandages, and mallets often have no grips or straps. In “The Roof of the World”, you can even ride head-on into the opponent, if can you dare to.

The festival begins on the 7th of July with pool matches between the local teams of Gilgit-Baltistan and the guest teams coming from Chitral. The final is held on 9 July.


The festival offers some supplementary attractions and treats for the visitors including a camping village set up at the Pass, a festival of folk music and dancing reminiscent of Northern Pakistan culture, activities such as fishing, horseback riding, mountaineering, hiking and exploring. The highlight of the festival is the final match; a colorful spectacle and extraordinary extravaganza never to be forgotten.

Now that I have managed to lure all the polo fans out there, here comes the good news – tournament had been postponed this year. Now it is scheduled in mid August. Waiting for you backpackers, is the only free-styled Polo of the world!


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Top Honeymoon destinations

One of the most important and maybe stressful events in life is the wedding, with all that planning and organization it can be very weary. But once it has passed you should be ready for your well – deserved honeymoon. This will give you time to relax and unwind after the wedding day, and this is why you must choose a place that will be part of your personality and will be suitable for both of you.


If you are interested in exotic beaches, white sands and beautiful clear waters than you should head to some of the exotic islands, they are scattered all around the world. The Caribbean Sea offers many such spots with peaceful resorts that are specialized in organizing honeymoons, cruises around the Caribbean are also option. Mexico offers many beach and spa luxurious resorts on affordable prices. The island of Hawaii and Fiji are also very popular honeymoon destinations. The kingdom of Thailand offers spectacular islands with exotic nature and wildlife and the splendid Buddhist temples.

The region of the Mediterranean is also popular place for honeymoons, you can go and visit Spain, because Spanish people are known worldwide for their passion and the city of Barcelona is a very romantic city. One of the most popular cities in the world Paris is also a good option for honeymoon; many couples enjoy their time under the lights of the Eifel tower at night. Further east in Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice. Venice with its marvelous architecture and the canals is a wonderful place for a honeymoon; you can enjoy the trip with a gondola in the canals during the day or in the night, you can explore the city with your beloved and enjoy the famous Italian cuisine.


Bitola – the city of consuls

In the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia is the city of Bitola, a little city with great history and culture. The region in the city and around the city has been inhabited many centuries ago, and near the center of the city is the ancient city of Heraclea Lynkestis, the name is dedicated to the hero Heracles and Lynkestis means ‘the land of the Lynx‘.  The ancient city has many colorful mosaics and old building, some of which are well preserved, there are also many statues and artifacts found here, most of them can be seen in the museum in the city of Bitola.


The city of Bitola is surrounded by mountains, the mountain Baba with its peak Pelister is home to the European lynx, which sadly is rarely seen. Pelister is also well known because of the pine tree Molica which is unique specie and it is only found on a few mountains on the Balkans, this mountain has abundant flora and fauna and offer many scenic sights. On the southern side of the city is the biggest Macedonian plain Pelagonia.

At the center of the city is the main street Sirok Sokak, which is a pedestrian zone, it has beautiful architecture with many neo – classical buildings and many establishments, such as restaurants, pubs and shops. Bitola is known as the city of consuls, there were many consulates opened in the city and many are remaining now, most of them are located on the main street. The main street is always very lively and crowded, and many enjoy their coffee in some of the pubs here. At the start of the Sirok Sokak is the square Magnolia and here are also the old Clock Tower and two mosques. Bitola has many restaurants where you can try traditional food, famous Macedonian wines and few Macedonian beers.