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Most economical cars

According to the German automotive club a research has been made. Which new automobile goes most kilometers with only one fuel tank? The result shows that the cars that are now on the market with only one recharge of the fuel tank you can drive most kilometers with Renault Megane 1.5 dCi and Citroen C4 1.6 HDI. Even after 1000 kilometers the owner are not in need to search for a gas station. This cars are extremely economical and the research says that with only one recharge this two cars Renault Megane and Citroen C4 can go for 1333 kilometers, both automobiles have a capacity of 60 litters of fuel.


On 3rd place with only one recharge is another French automobile and that is Peugeot 607 2.0 HDI. This luxury automobile can go for almost the same distance and that is 1311 km, but the fuel tank capacity is 80 litters of diesel.  After this three it comes another French car and that is Renault Clio 1.5 dCi, together with Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDI can go 1250 km with one recharge.


Honda Civic 1.3i-DSi Hybrid is the most economical of the petrol automobiles and with 50 litters of petrol it can go exactly 1087 km. More than 1000 km with one fuel tank can go only one more automobile and that is Toyota Prius 1.5 Hybrid, which with only 45 liters can go for 1047 km. These two automobiles are new hybrid technology that combines petrol with electrical engines. According to the experiments Fiat Panda can go only 566 kilometers if it is diesel and if it is petrol it can go only 455 km. So the owner of Renault Megane drives 1333 km without stopping and the owner of fiat panda should reload the tanks 3 times if he wants to drive the same distance.


Hiring A Limousine for On Your Travel Destination to Deliver High Convenient


These days, the use of limousines is not merely for those rich people. Everyone can hire a limousine because several limousine rental services offer special deals in more than three times in a year. This is a great chance for all tourists who want to enjoy visiting several places on their holidays. Limousine is also beneficial for businesspeople who need to visit important places in faster time and in very convenient way.

Taking limousines are always convenient and flexible because negotiation is always the key here. The limousine rental services are in high competition and this is why there are always special packages during certain time period. This kind of transportation is actually better than hiring taxis because passengers have to spend more when they are about to visit some places in one time. It is better for everyone to have several quotes of prices from more than three limousine rental services about the passengers’ numbers, starting places, destinations and the pickup time. A reputable company will give the requested quotes directly.

One of the main highlight about hiring a limousine is great comfort. We all know that limousine is equipped with cutting-edge technology for every passenger to feel comfortable during his or her travel. Seats are comfortable and in high quality with state-of-the-art hydraulics. The more important thing is one can feel comfortable as limousine is always driven by professional  chauffeurs.

The exclusivity is always the main highlight of hiring a limousine. The well-trained chauffeurs will treat all clients with very good honor and take them to the desired destination in punctuate manner. With such luxury amenities within like personalized music, televisions and DVD players, and a lot more, everyone will feel like royalty while being taken to great places. Everyone will feel prestigious in everywhere that one steps into and this is the best thing that a limousine can give.

Choosing Cost Efficient and Green Friendly Transportation for Your Travelling Time


Traveling is always fun, particularly when there are friends around us. Most of us wonder how we can travel by group as we might need to save cost and feel comfortable during the traveling. There are various options like taking a bus or a train or riding our own cars or any other kind of transportation, as long as we are not separated to each other.

However, if you aim to save much and have fun at the same time, it is better to rent a minibus or a bus unit for . This can save much money and because you and your friends do not have to buy gas for various cars. Most people travel in group by bringing the kinds of big cars like SUV or other 4×4 wheel-drive cars which require great amount of gas. One minibus can replace for about five cars and this is really beneficial for the environment and your pocket as well.

Taking trains is another alternative that can really save cost and time. Not only there will be fewer pollution, but there will be fewer gas that will be used. Definitely, there will be fewer carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Traveling by cars may be fun as you do not have to worry about taking a rest at anytime in any place. But there will be stressful journey during the trip as you or your friends will have to take turn in driving and face some problems on the road like traffic jam. If you travel by public transportation, you and your friends can avoid tiredness in driving as you can just sit and enjoy the panoramic views along the road.

The main point here is safety because taking your own cars can be very risky, especially when you or your friends are too sleepy to drive in proper manner. Avoiding such risk is very much valuable because a vacation should be fun instead of gloom.

Amsterdam on a bike

It could be said that bicycles are tradition way of transport in Netherlands; they are symbol of the Dutch capital city Amsterdam, but also of the whole country. Bikes are eco – friendly, they are probably the cheapest form of transport you can get, and they are even good for your health. There are even more reasons to choose bike as an option for moving and sightseeing in Amsterdam, everywhere in the city there are special paths for those riding a bicycle, they have the same and even more rights in the traffic. All these are good reasons when on a holiday in Amsterdam to rent a bike and go for a ride in the city.


Amsterdam is big city so moving on foot is not a good option, the public transport, on the other hand, is quite good and well organized, and there is bus, tram and metro you can take at no more than 20 minutes to any destination, but going with public transport can get quite expensive.  There are bicycle paths literally everywhere in Amsterdam; bikers have same or even more rights than the other participants in the traffic. The other thing that make bike best option for transport are the rent – a – bike shops which are scattered all around the city so you can easily rent and for a fair price.

The city is among the richest cities and most visited, you can go riding in the parks of Amsterdam; Amsterdam Bos is one of the biggest parks in Europe with many lakes and paths to ride and enjoy. Riding along the canals is another excellent experience, going through the different areas of the city with diverse and beautiful architecture and surrounding. Go and visit the museum and Museumplain or the city squares, it is a wonderful experience riding in the Amsterdam.

Hitchhiking, cheap and fun


Hitchhiking is an alternative way of tourism; it is actually transportation by asking people for a ride, usually those attracting a ride stand on the sidewalk or by the road and hold their thumb up, this is the most common gesture.  Hitchhiking is common practice through the whole world and it has been practiced since wheels are invented and it will be in future.

Getting a ride

In order to find a ride, as fast as possible you must choose you hitchhiking location really careful, it is probably the only factor that determines your success. The driver needs to see you from a greater distance so he can pull over, of course there must be traffic on the road, but too much traffic is not good option, because pulling over is more difficult if there are lots of cars passing by, you may also find a free ride at truck stops and entrances of hotels or restaurants.

Good sides of hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is usually free, but sometimes payment is expected. This is the cheapest transportation for longer distances that you will ever get. It is also a great opportunity to meet lots of new people and make friends. Hitchhiking is ecological.

Bad sides of hitchhiking

When waiting for someone to pick you up, there is always a chance that no one will stop or in a better case you may be waiting or walking for several hours before someone does. There is also chance that behind the wheel is some kind of criminal, although this negative image has been created by the media.

Choose wise and stay safe

If you have any doubts about the driver, turn down the ride, someone else will stop. It Is better to choose a lonely traveler or a couple rather than a full vehicle.  Hitchhiking on some roads and in some countries is prohibited. Choose wise, have a good ride and stay safe.