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Visit the Basketball world cup in Spain – 2014


If you are a sports enthusiast, and especially if you are a basketball fan or a player and if you have never visited one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Spain, than this is your chance. In late summer, at the end of August, starting at 30 August till the 14th of September, Spain will be the host of the Fiba Basketball World Cup. The World Cup will include the most prestige teams in the world and it will offer great basketball, including USA, Spain, France and many more.

Spain is known in the world for its very warm and polite citizens, for the culture and history, so there is plenty to see, and to experience. The competition is held in several cities of the country, so you can choose where and when to go. Places included are the most popular cities of the country and they include Barcelona, Madrid, where one can also see the stadiums of the two of the most famous football teams Real Madrid and F.C Barcelona, Sevilla, Bilbao, which are also famous for their football teams. Other locations included are the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is a famous tourist place where you can visit the local beaches and enjoy as some say “ the best climate of the world “, the city is also home to many museums and exhibition halls, and during summer there are also many cultural activities, concerts and parties. Granada is also part of the Basketball World Cup 2014 in Spain and it is very famous for its architecture, so when you have a break from the basketball you can go sightseeing in the city and enjoy the majesty of the old buildings and the technique of the craftsmen. These period is also good to see some of the Spanish league football matches, so there is many reasons to visit Spain in the next summer.


Zimbabwe’s Walt Disney Park? You’ve Got to Be Kidding


This is not a joke and it has been under very well planned program from the government. So far, there are only old folks who visit Zimbabwe and it turns out to low interest of other younger people to visit this country. Yes, it is true that Zimbabwe has magnificent wildlife but it seems that this kind of vacation may not charm everyone.

Trying to survive its tourism sector, the government of Zimbabwe has proposed this famous theme park with as much as three hundred million dollars at Victoria Falls on three hundred acres of space. This has been known as a great plan as this will be the first Disney in Africa. It was stated from The Daily Mail that this African Disney is going to host several other amusement places like casinos, exhibition centers and shopping malls.

This is a great surprise and breakthrough because no other African country who has done the same thing previously. Though everyone thinks that this is crazy because of the lack of amenities in Zimbabwe, the government remains very optimistic. Some people even consider this as an alteration attention from the political failings of Mugabe. They think that the government cannot even guarantee Zimbabwean population in getting enough vital amenities like electricity and water, let alone a world-class theme park.

However, the plan is expected to come into reality by the government because this country needs high income from the tourism sector. So far, the country only counts on visits on natural parks and other places for both flora and fauna preservation. Yet, this country needs a special breakthrough in terms of entertainment though it seems somewhat beyond reach. The effort of the government is very serious in which it spends for more than a hundred million dollars for Victoria Falls airport upgrade containing a development of a new runway, terminal building as well as its control tower.

So, let’s wait for this plan to become true.

Visiting Brazil for World Cup 2014? Check out Things That You Should Learn


Being popular as a country that has many achievements on world soccer championships, Brazil will attract millions of tourists on the next year’s World Cup. Let’s expect to see vibrant festivals and lively streets celebrating the world’s biggest soccer tournament in the heaven of soccer. Brazil has been building its financial aspects as this country was just suffering from high inflation. It is expected that Brazil will have better financial awakening after hosting World Cup 2014 and World’s Olympic in the next two year.

If you have planned to visit this country next year, there are some things to prepare. This is especially when this is the first visit for you. Brazilian people are always expressive and have great courtesy upon tourists and strangers though tourists may think that they are being too expressive. The country has vivacious culture, which will allow tourists to witness the great welcoming features of this vibrant country. Yet, do not be surprised on how loud those cars or trucks horn or native people’s conversation around you.

You might want to learn a bit Portuguese language for better communication here. English is not that popular here and rarely Brazilian natives want to learn it. There are books with simple Portuguese conversations that you can learn for deeper understanding of what those natives say. This is especially important when you make some transactions. However, do not mislead by their indifference about English language as they still enjoy the latest music or movies in English.

Brazil is the heaven of exotic restaurants, serving excellent authentic foods and beverages. It is common to see juice bars in almost every corner of Rio de Janeiro. Even Brazilian native cuisines are as adorable as their exotic fruit juices. Cafés on the sidewalks, barbecue parties at beaches, and magnificent waterfalls are only to name a few of Brazilian venues to visit.

How Online Travel Review Sites have Changed the Way People Plan Vacations


In the olden days, people planned their vacations by picking a country or city, buying a map, getting on a plane, and hoping for the best. These days however, vacationers can plan their trips right down to the cafe where they will be having their afternoon coffee on their third day in the city. Of course, they know exactly what to expect from all of the places, restaurants, and whatnots listed in their itineraries or at least they think they do.




Simply because they spent hours on end researching about the places to eat, shows to see, best hotels to stay in, and all the other activities that can be done in their choice of city. Now comes the question on how exactly were they able to learn so much without even speaking to anyone who as actually experienced the city. They read online travel reviews.


TripAdvisor, TravelPost, IgoUgo, and Many More


Nowadays, if you want to learn anything about a certain city, hotel, or restaurant, all you have to do is visit This site hosts reviews written by real people. So how do sites like affect the way people plan vacations?


First, since people now have a point of reference when it comes to choosing hotels, restaurants, etc, they can eliminate places that have received numerous bad reviews. This saves them a lot of time and money from having to try an establishment that just wasn’t worth it. However, this eliminates the element of surprise when it comes to taking a vacation. If  you already know what to expect, where’s the fun in that, right?


Next, people can now plan their budget (and actually stick to it) more effectively. Lastly, vacationers can maximize their time by planning ahead and making a list of the places they want to visit. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of all because they will be able to make the most out of their vacation and they can devote their time to rest and relaxation.


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The fishing houses in Ireland


Ireland has been one of the greatest destinations for anglers in the world, there are many record catches made in the waters of the island and many tourists are now heading in Ireland for a beautiful and memorable vacation. In this country there are fishing Houses where you can book your stay and with experienced guides go fishing, the houses also include fishing schools. There is a group of Hotels, houses in the countryside and guest houses, which are known as the Great Fishing Houses.

If you are going for a fly fishing, you should expect the best salmon and trout fishing you have ever experienced in the pure and clear waters of the rivers and lakes of Ireland, the pollution in Ireland is very low to none, this provide the untouched scenic nature, clean air and lively and strong fish, while you are fishing you can also spot some of the mammals and you will hear the song of the diverse bird species. While trout and salmon are the most famous, Ireland has great variety of fish species you can go for, such are pikes, bass, tench, mullet, bream, roach, etc. but locals are almost never going for this species.

The region of Donegal is one of the cleanest places in Western Europe, its nature is untouched by man and it provides best conditions for a perfect fishing holiday. There are routes and roads ensured to the best places. Here you can go on trout fishing from January till November, while if you want to catch Salmon you should wait for the spring and you can fish until the autumn. Local population is very friendly and going in the bars in the region is a wonderful experience, after all this is the country of whisky and beer too.

The new emerging travel destinations of the Balkans


Because of the poor choices of the past, the inadequate approach to economy and probably most of all, the false politics and the constant dispute between neighboring countries the Balkan countries are not yet established as brands in European and worldwide tourism. Now, with things coming to the better end, these countriesare becoming the new travel destinations for many tourists. Exceptions of this problem are Croatia, Greece and Turkey, which are already well known travel destinations. So here are the top three emerging destinations on the Balkans:


Montenegro has recently gained its independence, and since then the country tourism is reaching new peaks. Montenegro is on the coast of the Mediterranean and it has great length of beaches varying from sandy to pebble beaches, most famous are the 25 beaches on the Budva’s Riviera. One of the main attractions of Budva is the island Sveti Nikola, there are threemain beaches and few small beautiful beaches accessible only by boat.



Albania is also on the Mediterranean, same as Montenegro it is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The southern region of the country offers the beautiful Riviera of Saranda and the small but scenic islands of Ksamil, beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. On these beaches you can taste specialties of fresh seafood for really low prices; the Albanian tourism is on a constant rise.

The Republic of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia takes the central place of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a country rich in history and culture. By visiting the city of Bitola you will experience the mix of many cultures and the spirit of many ages. Not far from Bitola is the city of Ohrid, located on the shores of the Ohrid Lake, it offers beautiful beaches but also many historical places to visit. In Ohrid there are 365 churches or as it can be said “one for every day of the year”.