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Jet Lag Updated

When taking a trip throughout various time zones, the body is out of synchronization with the destination time. The body pattern entirely changes and the natural pattern are disturbed. It depends upon an individual as to how quickly he adjusts to the brand-new time zone. Jet lag does not occur simply by crossing the worldwide borders or traveling for long hours. Jet lag is calculated by the variety of time zones crossed. The signs of jet lag could be tiredness, irregular sleep, headache, mild depression, short-term sleeping disorders, temper fluctuations, nausea and absence of inspiration.

Traveling across time zones is one of the major reasons for jet lag. When time zones are crossed the body clock goes entirely out of sync.

There’s Always More About Jet Lag…

It is really challenging to evaluate the remedies for jet lag as the experience is various to every individual. However, regular 7-8 hours of sleep everyday for a week will certainly reduce tiredness and avoid depression. The best method to obtain made use of to the regional time is to avoid the afternoon nap and eat very early and healthy.


Jet Lag Criteria

The summer holiday season is with us once more and lots of countless us will be jetting off to far flung corners of the globe to push a tropical beach and take in the sun, to hike through a few of world’s most stunning wilderness countryside, to see a few of the architectural marvels of the world or to just check out brand-new countries and cultures. And, sadly, numerous thousands of us will certainly discover the very first few days of our trip will also see us trying to recover from the effects of jet lag.

If you are traveling to a crucial occasion, attempt to arrive well before the occasion is held. This is to give your body even more time to adjust and get accustomed to the location. If you are on getaway, try adding a couple of days on to allow you to adjust so you will not need to invest your precious trip days recuperating from jet lag.

The response to this question depends very much on where you are flying to. If you start your journey in Sydney, Australia and fly to Tokyo, Japan then you will certainly not experience any jet lag at all since, although you are flying some 7,000 miles, your journey essentially takes you due north so that your beginning point and location lie in the very same time zone. Nevertheless, if you fly from Sydney to London, England then you will fly east to west across 10 conventional time zones and you will certainly experience jet lag.

Jet Lag: Expanding The Circle

The phenomenon of jet lag is typically thought to be due to crossing time zones (flying west to east or west to east). Time zones are a manufactured, synthetic build and do not in fact exist. For your body to be impacted by such distinct signs, there has to be a more physical factor. Jet lag also happens in people flying north to south or south to north – commonly within the same time zone. An example of this would be a long run flight from London to Johannesburg.

But, there’s so much more to consider.

Jet lag is really nothing more than the result of your own internal body clock being out of synchronization with local time and, while your body clock can adjust itself to come into line with regional time, adjusting your body clock takes some time.

But, What About…

If you simply fly throughout 2 or three time zones then the time difference experienced is little enough that you most likely will not really observe it significantly and your biological rhythm will adjust quite rapidly. If you fly across 4 or even more time zones then the difference will certainly be noticeable and your body clock will certainly take longer and longer to adjust as you cross more and even more time zones.

The condition of jet lag is different for each individual. There is no such therapy that can heal the condition of jet lag. You should compulsorily sleep for seven to eight hours in the new time zone to get rid of tiredness and depression. In the new time zone, you must stay clear of the afternoon snoozes in order to adjust the body with the new time zone.

In our example of flying from Sydney to London your body clock will certainly take several days to adjust itself totally and, in the meantime, you are likely to find yourself experiencing sleeplessness, discovering it difficult to get to sleep during the night and to get up in the morning, feeling tired during the day, potentially experiencing difficulty in consuming with nausea, indigestion, a feeling of dehydration, a headache, and far more.

The simple response to this question is no. These ‘traditional’ remedies do not work and, in many cases, will actually make your jet lag even worse.

Dealing with jet lag is not a matter of solutions and pills, however, requires you to devise a strategy centered on your particular itinerary and lifestyle which permits you to aid your body’s natural procedure of adjusting its own internal body clock. This suggests taking a series of steps in preparation for your journey, as well as during your air travel and at your location. In many cases, these will certainly be enough to help you stay clear of jet lag altogether and, in others, they will certainly help to lower the impacts of jet lag considerably.


Effective Jet Lag

Jetlag seems to be every tourist’s worst nightmare – specifically if you’re disappearing for simply an instant.

Jetlag is a condition that occurs from crossing several time zones in a relatively brief time and subsequently interrupts your natural body clock or circadian rhythms. Other contributing factors include lack of workout, dry atmosphere and alcohol.

Reaching you location feeling worn out, groggy and disorientated are the most usual symptoms. Many individuals also find it challenging to concentrate and have really unpredictable sleep patterns. Waking up in the middle of the night, or feeling a need to take nap during the day can be regular.

Controversial Jet Lag?

The major jet lag symptoms include exhaustion during the day and being not able to sleep at night, or waking up in the middle of the night all broad awake. And you typically get a feeling of disorientation and ‘blurriness’ of idea. You cannot concentrate properly and your senses may be either under or over delicate. Other symptoms of jet lag consist of a loss of cravings as well as maybe constipation or looseness of the bowels. You may have a headache and feel dehydrated. You tend to feel the impacts of jet lag more the older you get.

Jetlag symptoms can last for simply a couple of hours – all the means up to a week (for more intense cases). Generally, however, tourists find on a typical air travel between the US and Europe, the results of Jetlag last for a few days. As a guide, for each time zone you cross, enable a complete day of recovery. Symptoms likewise vary by age. Children are far less vulnerable.

Jet Lag: And so much more…

Jetlag is not a severe health condition, however, can certainly destroy your vacation or business trip. However, the indications and symptoms of jetlag can be minimized with the help of certain house treatments for jetlag. To guarantee you get sufficient rest and sleep prior to your trip, as being fed upped can make you more sensitive to jetlag. Dehydration can also get worse the symptoms of jetlag therefore you need to see to it to imbibe a lot of water and other non-alcoholic beverages before and while flying. You need to also consume great deals of water and other fluids after the air travel. One of the best means to avoid the symptoms of jetlag is to sleep on the flight if it is night at your location and remain awake if it is morning time.

Stretching workouts are supposed to be great home treatments for jetlag. Make an effort to do some walking prior to you board your flight. Likewise, do some small extending and twisting exercises while sitting on your seat. Sunshine therapy is another easy and reliable natural remedy for this condition. Try to expose yourself to sunshine for at least half an hour as soon as you reach your location. An Epsom salt bath can assist you handle your jetlag. Include four jet lag of Epson salt to a tub filled with warm water and soak yourself in it for about 30 minutes. Garlic is one of the great home solutions for jetlag. Include one crushed garlic clove to a mix of one cup of milk and a half cup of water and boil it till it is reduced to one cup. Drink this mixture at bedtime for 2 or three days before your flight. Take it the night after your journey.

Prior to you depart, make certain that you get lots of rest. Consume well and stay clear of alcohol. Enable lots of time before departure. Tension is one of the worst perpetrators. Likewise, attempting to take some zinc supplements as it’s been verified that people with greater zinc levels tend to suffer less.

While taking a trip, consume lots of water. Keep away from alcohol, carbonated drinks and coffee. These beverages only aggravate jetlag causing dehydration, fatigue and headaches. Drink a lot of water. Chamomile tea is extremely relaxing. Eat Lightly. The last thing your body requirements it to digest a large meal. Exercise – ‘Economy Class Syndrome’ is triggered by lack of exercise or sitting in the same position for an extended time. When the time permits, stand up and stroll around the airplane.

Drinking lots of water is key to avoiding jet lag. Not just can be dehydrated lead to or illness, but it can likewise make your jet lag even worse once you are on the ground. You can get plenty of water once you are at the airport. Take advantage of the free beverage cart when it comes down the airplane aisle. Try to stay clear of drinking and eating things that will trigger your body to maintain water or to end up being more dehydrated. Salty foods, coffee, and alcohol will all complicate your body’s natural water defenses. Remaining dehydrated for extended periods of time can lead to fainting, lightheadedness, nausea, and confusion. Your body will suffer the same results as heat fatigue and you might potentially slip into a coma or die if it keeps up. It is important that you force yourself to drink water on your flight and as soon as you get to your location, even if you do not feel thirsty.

Get some sleep and attempt. Sleeping on-board will not only help to kill time, however, can assist you feel rejuvenated upon arrival. A travel neck pillow will aid in your sleeping, providing outstanding head support. Avoid sleeping pills at all costs.

When you arrive, getting a quick nap will appear extremely appealing indeed – however resist this temptation. Go to sleep at your normal bedtime (based on local time). This will force your body to adapt to any new time zones far quicker.


Jet Lag A-z

This year, many thousands of individuals will be flying off to the 4 corners of the world to push the sun soaked tropical beach, to hike with some of world’s most gorgeous wilderness countryside, to see some of the architectural wonders of the world or to simply discover new nations and cultures. And, unhappily, hundreds of countless us will find that the first number of days of our vacation will be lost attempting to obtain over jet lag.

Having jet lag is definitely not a great idea for those on a getaway. Instead of spending more time enjoying yourself at the coastline, you will most likely be catching up on your sleep and trying to adapt to the brand-new time zone for the next few days. Therefore, you will probably be asking if there is some method in which you can beat away jet land during these long trips.

The response to this concern is very much dependent upon where you are flying from and to. If you start your journey in Brisbane, Australia and fly to Sapporo, Japan then you will not experience any jet lag at all due to the fact that, even though you are taking a trip thousands of miles, your flight basically takes you due north so that both your departure point and destination lie in the exact same time zone. England, then you will fly east to west over ten time zones and you will certainly suffer from jet lag if however you take a trip from Brisbane to London.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The answer to this question depends quite on where you are flying to. If you begin your journey in Sydney, Australia and fly to Tokyo, Japan then you will not experience any jet lag at all due to the fact that, despite the fact that you are flying some 7,000 miles, your trip basically takes you due north so that your beginning point and location lie in the exact same time zone. Nevertheless, if you fly from Sydney to London, England then you will fly east to west throughout 10 basic time zones and you will certainly experience jet lag.

Upon Further Consideration…

Jet lag is truly nothing more than the outcome of your internal body clock running out step with regional time and, although your body clock can normally adjust itself to match the regional time, any change takes a bit of time.

If you are flying over just two or 3 time zones then the time distinction is small enough that you will most likely not see it substantially and your body clock will adjust itself quite rapidly. If however you take a trip over four or more time zones then the time difference will be considerable and your body clock will take longer and longer to adjust as you fly throughout an increasing number of time zones.

If you just fly throughout two or 3 time zones then the time distinction experienced is little enough that you most likely will not actually discover it significantly and your internal clock will adjust quite swiftly. If you fly across four or more time zones then the distinction will be obvious and your body clock will take longer and longer to adjust as you cross more and more time zones.

In our example of flying from Australia to London your body clock will take a couple of days to adjust and, in the meantime, you are most likely to find that you experience sleep disorders, discovering it tough to drop off to sleep during the night and to get up in the morning, feeling fed upped with the day, potentially experiencing issues with consuming with indigestion, nausea, a sensation of dehydration, a headache, and a large amount more.

In our example of flying from Sydney to London your body clock will take a number of days to adjust itself totally and, in the meantime, you are likely to discover yourself suffering from sleeping disorders, finding it difficult to get to sleep in the evening and to get up in the morning, feeling fed upped during the day, possibly experiencing difficulty in consuming with nausea, indigestion, a sensation of dehydration, a headache, and far more.

The basic response to this problem is no. These so-called remedies are not effective and, in many cases, will in fact make your jet lag worse.

Coping with jet lag is not a matter of making use of tablets and solutions, but requires you to devise a plan fixated your particular travel plans and lifestyle which helps your body’s natural adjustment of its own body clock. This includes taking a variety of steps before your departure, in addition to en-route and at your location. Occasionally these will be enough for you to prevent jet lag completely and, in others, they will undoubtedly assist to decrease the results of jet lag substantially.


Shaw Festival In Niagara On The Lake Ontario

Niagara-on-the-Lake gave itself that name to tell you that you are not in Niagara Falls… not that you would confuse the two once you have seen them.

This cute little town with its Victorian architecture is only about twenty minutes from those world famous falls. If you do not want to remain in the hubbub of Niagara Falls, he’s a great alternative.


It’s a well-preserved 19th century village with spruced-up, charming inns and restaurants and oh-so-cute bed-and-breakfasts. Where Niagara Falls now has modern high rise hotels, Niagara-on-the-Lake has retained the romance with cozy accommodations.

What is there to see in town? Take a stroll down tree-lined Queen Street. It’s the main street, lined with colorful storefronts with flower baskets hanging from all the light posts. You can start at the Clock Tower in the center of the street and work your way toward Lake Ontario… That’s the lake the town is on by the way.

The main street for shopping and the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake is Queen Street. This becomes Picton Street and then Queen’s Parade. The shops on the street exude a small town feel and, despite the existence of several stores focusing mainly on souvenirs, don’t project the same touristic atmosphere as nearby Niagara Falls. Quaint little shops and fashion boutiques pepper the street, such as Just Christmas. These only sells ornaments of the season, and the Niagara Apothecary. Open during the summer months, the Niagara Apothecary is a museum that was once a 19th century pharmacy. Today, it proudly displays many of the artifacts of the time as the only surviving building of the time in town.

Explore the side streets of town, and just enjoy the ambience. There might be a few too many candy stores and tourist shops, but check out the old Apothecary shop or English style pubs.

Near the lake you will come to either of the oldest golf courses in North America… might be fun to play on if you are a golfer.

Walk to Fort George, a National Historic Site of Canada. This reconstructed fort was the main headquarters for the British Army during the War of 1812. You can tour the barracks and the officers’ quarters. If you are into spooky things, see if you are able to take an evening ghost tour.

If you like theater, that enough might bring you to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Every year they have the Shaw Festival which runs from April to November. This festival showcases the works of Bernard Shaw, but also features works by others such as Oscar Wilde, and Agatha Christie. There is music too. There are about a dozen productions performed each season, in three different theaters. If you are interested, you should look up the Shawfest website and book ahead.

Niagara on the Lake is in a portion of southern Ontario famous for its 17 wineries within a 20-minute drive, antiques, art galleries, and the popular Shaw Festival. This is a theatrical festival celebrating the works of playwrights Eugene O’Neill, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. The Shaw Festival produces several plays each calendar year. You can see their full schedule here.

AND one more thing… it is right in the heart of Ontario’s wine region. You can use this great little town as a basis for exploring the Niagara Wine Trail. Yep, more wine in Canada. Nearby there is an impressive array of vineyards… something like 17 of them. They make some interesting varietals. However, they’re especially known for their Ice Wines. You can book a wine tour in town so you will not need to be afraid of tossing a coin about who’ll be the designated driver.

Wine has been enjoyed by people throughout the world for ages as its appealing and diverse flavours excite the taste buds. Different grape varieties are used in order to provide the finest taste and premium quality. Thus, wine appraisals are very necessary to provide the most exquisite quality wine. Wine speakers are hired to taste the wine and stratify the quality of wine.

While there may not necessarily be any specific attraction that calls to you, the town itself as a whole should. If you want is a nice little respite from Toronto or Niagara Falls, this charming little town might just fit the bill.

FAQ’s: Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake?I am going to see a play at Shaw Festival on Niagara on the Lake….has anyone been? Does anyone know what the dress code is there? Is it casual….i asked when i booked the tickets and the man said “whatever you want”….does anyone know for sure?? please help!

  • Unless it’s opening night, the dress code ranges from formal (i.e suit/suit jacket for men, dresses for women) to tourist casual (jeans, sandals and t-shirts). Wear what makes you feel comfortable, but when in doubt, dress up instead of down. Have fun!
  • I have been it is always a beautiful production all of the theaters are nice. A dress code that is sutiable to mingle with people is fine there is really no dress code just don’t dress like a rag picker! (Pick those pants up and wear a nice shirt) no offense that’s what you want to do for dress!



Jet Lag – The Real Truth

The technique is to keep your mealtimes consisting utilizing your new time zone times because if you vary your meals you can throw your digestion system off and you can really even create a worse jet lag than you would have had otherwise.

Time zone clocks: These clocks are staid and simple. They show the time in the time zone you’ve left and the time zone you ‘re in. You require not determine the time back home.


The Secret Of Jet Lag

Traveling between one country to another can disturb your body clock as it involves crossing from one time zone to another. The time difference may mean gaining or losing a day based on the direction you’re heading. This usually occurs when the distance you need to travel is very big like moving from one continent to another or from one hemisphere to another.

Contrary to what most people believe, jet lag isn’t caused by the time it takes you to reach your destination but the distance between time zones that you need to travel. For example, although the number of time needed to travel between Los Angeles and New York is only five hours, a person can still go through symptoms of those jets when they cross the Central and Mountain Time Zones. Crossing Russia, which has eleven time zones, for example, can cause quite a lag. In Alaska, on the other hand, those lag is caused by the low amount of daylight which make it hard for new arrivals to adjust.

Cause of Jet Lag: The cause is due to crossing time zones. We have 24 time zones throughout the world. In the US we’re divided into four zones; eastern, central, mountain and pacific. When traveling, your body has a hard time adapting to the new time zone. You will adjust but it is a process. For example, if you’re traveling from New York to California your body still considers that it is in the New York time zone. This adjustment struggle is what creates the symptoms associated with jet lag.

Jet lag generally causes dehydration as well as appetite loss and disorientation. Others may feel groggy, fatigued and nauseous. Some even get headaches, vomiting and sinus irritation. Other symptoms include stomach problems, irritability and depression. The effects of those lag may vary from one person to another, of course.

The Best Part Of Jet Lag

The symptoms of jet lag vary by the individual person and symptoms can include or be a combination of dehydration which can trigger minor disorientation, and loss of appetite, headaches and sinus irritations, fatigue, grogginess, nausea and/or vomiting from an upset stomach, irritability, and mild depression. Jet lag isn’t linked to the duration of a flight. However, the transmerdian distance traveled. For example if you flew from New York and Los Angeles which is roughly 5 hours you’ll feel some jet lag crossing the Central and Mountain time zones. Jet lag can be very difficult in places like Alaska and Russia because of the fact that Alaska only sees a short amount of daylight and Russia has 11 different time zones and can really throw someone off though they were flying from Copenhagen to Tokyo.

The intensity of a jet lag also varies from one person to another. Some people can recover from those lags more quickly than others. Some can take as long as a week in order to have a hold of the new time zone that they’re in. Also, because of high levels estrogen, a hormone that is naturally occurring in women, women tend to be more affected by jet lag as this hormone is influenced by any disruption in one’s sleeping and waking hours.

Sleeping well, having a good diet and exercising regularly can make a person more able to adapt to the effects of those lag. Sleeping during the flight can make it easier for a person to adapt to the changes in time zone as long as he does not sleep for many hours after he has reached his destination. Doing so can make him feel disoriented, In fact, some people are given sedatives in order to sleep through the flight and feel refreshed the moment they leave the plane.

If you feel that you really need to sleep and you’re still awake, you can try to consume sleeping pills. There are several drugs that are efficient to make people fall asleep. Of course there is no assurance that your sleeping period is prolonged but sleeping aid have no side effect on your physical performance.

Frequent travelers are also less affected by jet lag. People who seldom travel have an increased risk of acquiring those lag because their bodies aren’t used to the changes in time zone. People who’ve a great deal of business trips tend to be less affected by this syndrome even though they tend to take flights at odd hours, for this reason. Aside from that, the intensity of the effects brought by jet lag also differ from one person to another. Thus, there may be some people who’re experiencing intense those lag while others may experience subtle symptoms.


Jet Lag

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, jet lag can seriously impair your performance and holiday fun for days.

Jet lag occurs when the body’s rhythms are out of sync with your destination time the body operates on a 24-hour cycle, and travelling to another time zone alters the body’s natural rhythm causing jet lag. The more time zones you cross the worse it can be and travelling east generally has a greater affect on jet lag than travelling west. It is easier on the body’s biorhythms to say a few extra hours to the day, as in travelling west, than the reduction in the number of hours in a day when travelling east. The speed with which your body can realign itself to your new time zone, adjusting its body rhythm to daylight, darkness, eating and sleeping under the new time zone, affects the period of time you experience jet lag for.

The world is organized into 24 time zones that each represent 1 hour of the day. These time zones are broken up by 15 degree intervals of latitude that correlate to 1 hour. So, the more you travel in either direction from your local time zone, the more your rhythms will be out sync. The body’s circadian rhythm actually operates on a 25-hour cycle. This is why it is not difficult to stay up an hour late, but harder to go to bed an hour earlier. This results in a more severe effect when traveling west to east. Therefore your body’s timekeeping center, the hypothalamus, will trigger activities that the end of your body isn’t ready for in your current time zone.

So what can you do to minimize the affects of jet lag? The following tips are intended to help you avoid the worst of jet lag and realign your body clock as soon as possible.

Looking Deeper In Jet Lag

Drink plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Water is best but, if you find drinking large amounts of water difficult or just plain boring, fruit juice and herbal teas will do.

If you’re due to ground in the morning at your destination, try to sleep during the flight. Sleeping on board a plane in cramped conditions is not easy but take off your shoes and to attempt to get comfortable. Take an eye mask and ear plugs with you to help block out cabin distractions and a blow up neck rest should add to your comfort. Even if you’re unable to sleep throughout the flight, just try to rest, close your eyes and try to ‘switch off’.

If you’re due to land at night, try to stay awake throughout the flight. Read a book, listen to some music but try to resist sleeping as this will involve you’ll be unable to sleep destination time and take longer for your body clock to adjust.

Set your watch to your destination time as soon as you get on the plane and to attempt to live by it straight away. Try to eat at times appropriate to your destination time not departure time.

Some people reduce the effects of time zone changes by gradually adapting their routine by an hour or so a few days before they travel. By getting up an hour earlier or staying up later for a couple of days prior to departure in accordance with their destination time.

Change your sleep pattern! If at all possible, try adjusting your sleep pattern a few days prior to your departure. For example, if you’re traveling to a site a few hours ahead of your time zone, then start going to bed earlier to help offset the missed sleep you will experience once you get there. Most people do not experience a problem if the time zone is a couple hours behind, as this allows them to ‘catch up’ rather than fall behind on their sleep.

Set the time on your watch. You will want to get used to your future time zone before you actually get there. This will help you eat, sleep, and perform other operations on the same schedule as your destination.

Sleep or stay awake according to your destination’s time zone. It may sound confusing, but though it is night at your destination while you are flying, then you should sleep on the flight. If it will be daytime when you land, then you should stay awake. One of the main causes of jet lag is lack of sleep or too much sleep in one particular time zone.

If you arrive in the daytime, try to prevent the temptation to sleep, get outside in the sunshine. Daylight, or any light, is a key factor in resetting your internal clock. If you’re exhausted and have to sleep try to limit a nap to one hour set an alarm clock or your mobile phone to wake you.

Alternatively, if you have not been able to sleep on the ‘plane, have a few hours sleep at your destination but set an alarm clock so that you do not have too long. This will prevent you sleeping later. Once again, dine and go to bed at your normal time.

If you arrive at night and do not feel sleepy, try a warm bath and a cup of warm milk a natural sleep inducer.

Resist the urge to party all night during the first couple days and get a pair of good nights’ sleep. This should help you get you adjust your body clock to your destination time and make for a more enjoyable stay.

There is no miracle cure for jet lag, but by following the above tips you should minimise the impact of the jet lag at your destination, and do not forget to utilize the above tips for your return too.


Rudimentary Facts About Jet Lag

You may know firsthand exactly how jet lag can affect you for days after the trip if you’ve ever traveled across time zones for a business meeting or holiday. Inability to sleep, being overtired, sleepiness, headaches and loss of concentration can truly deter your trip. Luckily there are a few things you can do to attempt to lessen the impacts of jet lag.

Usually, jet lag happens as an outcome of crossing time areas. This can affect your internal body clock where you lose or get several hours and your body ends up being disoriented about what time it actually is.

While On The Topic Of Jet Lag

Exactly how extreme the signs of jet lag are usually relying on the instructions you are taking a trip in and is found to be even worse if you are taking a trip eastward. This is due to the fact that the body rhythm is extended as much as 27 hours when a person flies westward thus, the body is able to catch up with its environment changes. Additionally, the circadian rhythm’ is even more than 24 hours when a person takes a trip westward due to the time of the day being lengthened which offers the body more time to adjust.

Jet lag occurs when the body’s rhythms run out sync with your destination time the body operates a 24-hour cycle, and taking a trip to a various time zone alters the body’s natural rhythm causing jet lag. The more time zones you cross the worse it can be and taking a trip eastern typically has a higher effect on jet lag than traveling west. It is easier on the body’s Biorhythms to add a few extra hours to the day, as in taking a trip west, then decreasing the variety of hours in a day when taking a trip east. The speed with which your body can straighten itself to your brand-new time zone, adjusting its body rhythm to daytime, darkness, consuming and sleeping in the brand-new time area, affects the length of time you experience jet lag for.

Unfortunately, there is no magic supplement that will cure’ jet lag, but there are some things you can do to reduce the signs.

Natural light has the tendency to help the body adjust, so remaining outdoors during the day as much as possible in your new surroundings can help you manage jet lag. This is due to the fact that your body clock will have the ability to adjust at a quicker rate once it becomes accustomed to the new surroundings.

If you are taking a trip to a virtual event, try to show up well before the event is held. This is to give your body even more time to adjust and get accustomed to the area. Try including a couple of days on to allow you to adjust so you will not have to invest your valuable getaway days recovering from jet lag if you are on vacation.

If you really attempt to adjust your own body to the brand-new time zone days prior to you even board the aircraft, it would also be useful. For instance, if you are coming from London and heading to Sydney, which would have at the most a 12 hour time distinction, you may want to start adjusting your sleep patterns 3 days before your air travel. Likewise, you can attempt to make use of 2 various watches, one set in the time back house and one to your location, will help you in picturing the modifications that you have to make.

If there will be a huge time distinction in your actual bed time, attempt adjusting it prior to you leave on your journey – going to sleep earlier or later on to match the time area you will be in as carefully as possible.

It’s finest to start straight off doing your daily activities to your brand-new time zone instead of trying to hold on to your old time area. Awaken in the first blush of the new time area and consume your meals at the new time area; s time.

Jet lag doesn’t need to be a big trouble if you do not let it. Just give yourself a couple of days to adjust and you’ll be in sync with your brand-new environments in no time.


Staying Fashionable During the Colder Season

winterfashionIt’s sweater season, again. The floral shorts and sunny dresses are gradually leaving the fashion arena as the colder months start to creep in.  Maybe you live in a hot area, are you planning on traveling anywhere cold?

Most women find the winter season to be the toughest time for fashion. Even the cutest dress already needs to be accompanied by leggings, which can be less appealing for some. Remaining fashionable while covering up can be a challenge, especially if one also needs to consider the comfort of the outfit. Some stars make it look so easy, but can an average woman really manage to still look fashionably good while trying to stay warm on winter?

We dare say Yes. Remember that the winter season has one of the most number of functional accessories from scarves, gloves, leggings, and even hats. Sweaters may have gained the image of being one of the least fashionable outfit item, several fashionistas have also shown how to make bulky sweaters look extra good.

One of the most basic fashion move for winter is to add a bright scarf to a plain outfit. It would also help to learn few more ways on how to wear a scarf, apart from the ones you already know. This way, you will never run out of ways to add life to your covers. You can find fun ways to wear a scarf here.

For office girls, it’s best to invest in leather skirts. No season should stop a lady from wearing skirts. Knee-length leather skirts paired with cashmere sweaters or any long-sleeved top make up an appropriate office attire, and also provides necessary warmth. For extra cold temperature, simply throw on a coat to the outfit. That simply shows that power dressing is still possible despite the lowering temperature.

Another winter fashion staples are opaque stockings and leggings. They are super warm and look good on any outfit. They can also be used both for casual and formal occasions, so they prove to be good closet investments, as well. Currently, we have been seeing several fun leggings and stockings prints that will surely add opaquestockingssome statement to a winter outfit.

The typical winter colors are monochromatic, but don’t let the season stop you from adding some pop of colors in your outfit, whether through scarves, leggings, coats, or bags. It’s one of the easiest ways to still feel giddy inside even if its cold outside.

These simple tips only reveal that every woman deserves to still look good regardless of the weather. It just takes some creative mix-and-matching skills.

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Everything You Need To Know About Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are incredible. The colors, the festival, the rituals, its an event unlike any other. But there are a few things you need to know before attending a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh traditional ceremony for the first time.

indianweddingceremonyHow To Dress

If you are going to the actual religious ceremony, it is proper to wear a sari or Indian attire. Although the couple will likely not make you wear one, nor will you be ridiculed, its only respectful to do so. One this is for certain though, however you dress, it should be modest (you could be required to sit on the floor!)

At the reception, you can go crazy- wear the brightest colors and most incredible jewellery you could imagine. It doesn’t matter for this one, everyone is having fun and dancing anyways! Just make sure you don’t wear black or white. White is worn for funerals and black signifies a grieving process, weddings are in place to celebrate the union of two people who love each other- dress appropriately and never outshine the bride!

Bring a Scarf

If the wedding is in a temple, you will likely be required to cover your head and/or bare arms/shoulders. Men usually have a head cover provided to them but women should bring their own.

Removing shoes

You’ll likely be asked to remove your shoes. At most places having nylons on is OK, but just a fair warning… it isn’t at every temple. Sometimes you need to have bare feet.

Taking pictures

Check before you get clicking during a ceremony. Mostly it should be fine, but during some of the rituals, particularly in a Hindu ceremony, even the official photographer may be barred in order to avoid distracting with the flash of the camera.


There is nothing out of the ordinary about the proper etiquette for gifts. If there is no specific gift requested, money is great.


At most Indian weddings, you will be served vegetarian. Don’t be surprised if they serve non-vegetarian food, as the Indian culture modernizes, we are seeing more couple opt for non-traditional Indian cuisine.

Men, Don’t Kiss or Dance with the Bride

Seems like an obvious one right? But this is especially important at an Indian wedding. The bride, even the most relaxed ones, will want to remain demure on their wedding day. Its best to assume this and avoid confrontation.

Have fun! You will never be at a wedding with more color and culture. Its just an incredible experience ☺

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Are you doing what you want to with your life? I know it’s not that easy to put a straight yes or no to this simple question. While looking at your accomplishments you think yes, while the other times it’s an obvious no.

         For me, personally, the answer is no. May sound odd since I’ve achieved everything I wanted so far, Yep, I’ve been blessed with a phenomenal family too. What else could I want?

         Yet there are areas of my life where I don’t feel settled; where I still don’t feel that I’m living to up to my potential. There are times when I feel a bit off from my life’s purpose as though I’m wandering. There are people who I think I shouldn’t have let go. However, it’s clear to me that I’m not fully tapping my potential. There’s so much more that I want to do. But it means changing things. It means getting out of my comfort zone and shaking things up a bit. Sometimes, muting our ego’s dreary shouts. It means trying something new and taking risks.

          Now by risk, I’m not talking about closing down or destroying my career so I can go after some new endeavor. That’s not risk – that’s stupidity. The risk I’m talking about isn’t about putting my life or my family in danger. Rather, I’m talking about the risk that puts my comfort level in danger. It’s my comforts that keep me where I am. And while being comfortable isn’t bad or wrong, it can keep me back from growing myself and improving my life.