Decisions About Islam And Clothing

Many more countries are revealing strong point of views versus putting on Islamic clothes in the Western world. Certain nations actually even went to the extent of banning them completely from the country. According to their views, Islamic clothing is a sign of terrorism and extremism and they are not going to promote either of these by allowing people to put on Islamic garments according to their free will. At first it was France and afterwards others did the same with the most up to date chaos in Belgium going on about this problem.

Although everyone and the country have a right to their views, but personally I feel that identifying a certain way of dressing as being linked to fundamentalism and extremism in Islam based upon a few independent circumstances is not entirely reasonable to the Muslim world. Putting on Islamic clothes does not automatically turn you into a person who is connected to the acts of extremism being performed. These people are not even following the true path of Islam, which preaches love and peace.

and, to add to that…

Garments state a lot about the character, choices and attitude of an individual. In Islamic clothing too, there is a lot to look forward to now.

And It Gets Even Better…

Now the time has altered, girls are choosing themselves exactly what to put on, which will suite their personality. The new age Islamic clothing aims at providing a contemporary style for the lady of today. Islam requires that women use long flowing garments that cover the entire body and is modest.

Islamic garments are only a sign of modesty and decency. Simply as certain people opt to put on long skirts and pants and not reveal their skin in mini skirts and Capri pants, similarly, Muslim women choose to wear loose fitting and streaming abayas and jilbabs. They cover their heads with hijabs similar to Western women who use scarves and hats.

There is nothing about wearing Islamic clothes that can be tied to extremism. Men and women who choose to wear abayas, jilbabs, hijabs and jobs in their lives are doing so to secure their honor and please their Allah. They are following the Sunnah of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was the ambassador or peace and forgiveness. He was a gentle being who spread out the faith, Islam not by mite, however by his own great deeds and actions. His teachings were of compassion and kindness and not of violence and viciousness. Therefore, the religion Islam and its lifestyle in no way preach this kind of radicalism that is being related to Islamic clothing articles today.

The ban ought to not be enabled as today the world teems with complimentary will beings, and simply as various other religious beliefs and sects are enabled to wear clothing according to their own desires, Muslims need to have the option of deciding to use Islamic clothing freely and easily without the fear of being victimized by others. Clothing posts can in no chance turn an individual’s personality into either fundamental or liberal.


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