Don’t miss Rodin Museum in Paris

If during this holiday you will enjoy the French tourism and, specifically, you will visit Paris, do not miss the opportunity to meet one of the most interesting museums that are very close to the Eiffel Tower where you will find a paradise garden, straining between the cool shadows of trees and sculptures.

The ideal place to relax when you are tired of the frenzy in which they can transform Paris . The entrance to the gardens costs 1 euro but you can not miss the opportunity to tour the seventeenth century residence on two floors displays works by Rodin . The fantastic collection of sculptures in marble and bronze are contagious vitality.

The museum also displays fifteen works of Camille Claudel, who was the sister of writer Paul Claudel and lover of Rodin . You can also see some works of Van Gogh and Renoir .

After considering each of the famous sculptures like The Kiss, The Thinker, The Burghers of Calais or Cathedral, it is a good choice to pay attention to a different aspect of Rodin that the museum makes available to the public. The artist’s creative genius is evident in sketches, drawings and studies that show the creative process behind each of his works. They are also less known Rodin paintings, which are also preserved in the museum.

Finally, it’s a good ┬áidea to visit the temporary exhibitions . The museum is renowned for the quality of the themes and the works on display.

Definitely a good choice for an afternoon in Paris enjoying an excellent museum and some beautiful gardens. In addition, the types of accommodation you can find in the area are varied, from apartments to hotels and a multitude of possibilities you see in All-Paris-Apartments.

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