Ellis Island- Island of Hope and Tears

Ellis Island is located in Upper New-York-Bay.  It was the entryway from millions of immigrants to U.S. it was one of the busiest immigrant assessment place from 1892 to 1954.  The Ellis Island was significantly stretched with land repossession between the year 1892 and the year 1934. Before the expansion Ellis Island was much smaller, before, fort Gibson was located in this original island and later a Naval Magazine.  Ellis Island was a manmade island it was made as a part of Statue of Liberty National Monument located in New Jersey.

In 1892 when Ellis Island was opened it was resembled to the Beaux Arts/Renaissance Revival structure of today. In fire accident the structures was burnt and now the new building was opened in the year 1900 on December 17th.

Ellis Island

Welcome to Ellis Island

Ellis Island is one of the wonderful creations, also tourists enjoy the beautiful man made attraction, and they will make a point to visit this wonderful place whenever they visit New York or New Jersey.  From the year 1892 to 1924 it was very vigorous immigration station, around 12 million immigrants have been processed , the inspection process usually use take approximately 3 to 7 hours on an average. It was gateway for millions of people who came to US. People believe that Ellis Island was an Island of Hope for immigrants.  But, for some it is an Island of Tears as families get separated and many individual were rejected to enter in U.S.

Story of Ellis Island

Visitors can meet the people who helped to create the story about Ellis Island like the workers who reserved Ellis Island consecutively and assisted immigrants to make their way to America.   The place in this manmade island history shows how people used this small Island in New York-Harbor for 100s of years.

The unsung stories of immigrants can be heard here, the visitor can discover all these stories during their visit to Island.  The extensive collections help us understand more about Ellis Island. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful place.

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