Floating Market in Bangkok

The Bangkok Floating Market ( Damneon Saduak floating market ) is located about 90 km west of Bangkok, Thailand . Although not a sign of the lifestyle of Thai people as it once was, it is very interesting to visit. In the floating market we can see the buying and selling of fruits, vegetables, food in general and pretty products for tourists. Also the traditional Thai house and their lifestyle is around water.

The channels are quite chaotic, with small vessels on all sides between them colliding. In some parts of Thailandia waterways are still present in everyday life, although this market is mainly for tourists, adjacent channels can still see the traditional life along the water.

The floating markets (‘Talaat Naam’) are exactly as you might imagine, the vendors have their products in small boats and jostle each other for the attention of buyers from the edge of the channel. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the largest size in the vicinity of Bangkok and is full not only with international tourism, local tourism but also hundreds and hundreds of children from schools and colleges from Bangkok.
Growing orchids is a specialty in Thailand, from the banks of the river is were you get these fantastic flowers.

Directions : You can go on a trip organized by taxi or as we did with a regular bus from Bangkok which cost a few baht.

Nomad Road David advises us to go the night before and stay in one of the small hotels in the area and then get up early and see how the market is prepared, before they reach the hordes of tourists. 

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