For The Love Of Sydney!!

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Sydney is the most beautiful and eye-catching city for the tourists of Australia. Also, Sydney is the only city of the world which combines coastal living with the urban buzz. It has around 70 beaches, each better than the other one and many of harbor coves. The beaches mentioned below are the most striking and attractive beaches of Sydney.

Cronulla Beach

The distinction of Cronulla Beach is in its journey. It can only be reached by train, one of its kinds in Sydney. It is a popular surfing beach. Local schools provide surfing lessons here. South Cronulla is a sandy beach with gentle waves perfect for evening tranquil walks. The spectacle of sunset is magnificent.

Nielson Park

Nielson Park has stupendous harbor views. The park was established as a public reserve. It is the most popular family beach and picnic area for respectable families in Eastern Suburbs.  The park has toilets, tables, kiosks and obviously the beach itself to entertain you.

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach is yet another fascinating beach of Sydney. Centered on a triangle shaped sand bank, the well-known activity on this beach is boating. Your heart will race speedily as the boat floats high and low along with the waves. The boat-riding community here is massive in number and enthusiastic about its passion.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the exclusive beach of the Sydney which blesses you with an awe-inspiring vista of the ocean view. Palm Beach remains well-populated by surfers, swimmers, sailors, joggers and hikers. It looks more attracted with its kiosks, car parking and other facilities.

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