Go Crazy With The Heart-Racing Water Slides In Australia

Planning a luxury trip to Australia? Pack your favorite swimsuit and get prepared for some wet fun out there. The water parks in Australia are too thrilling with crazy, mind blowing and mind boggling rides there.

Wet and Wild Water World


It is as fervent as the name suggests. Wet ‘n’ Wild is the largest Australian water park. Located in Queensland, Wet ‘n’ Wild has something for everyone whether you are a 4-year-old hyperactive boy or a 40-year-old tranquil man. It presents a variety of crazy fanatical rides to some very gentle lagoons. The extreme funnel slides, the twirling Whirlpool and the shriek-inducing Surfrider entertain the thrill-seekers. For little babes they offer an aquatic playground Buccaneer Bay.

White Water World

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Get ready for some heart-stopping slides and lung-testing shrieks at the White Water World. Their crowd-attracting-feature is the Blue Ringed Octopus waterslide. It hurtles riders down its tentacle to plunge them into darkness and then are sucked down a massive whirlpool gurgler. Kids are entertained by the Wiggle World. There they enjoy teeny-tiny slides, colorful water cannons to fight with and interactive water sprays.

Manly Waterworks


Manly Waterworks, Sydney can endlessly entertain you from dawn till dusk.  This water park is a particular fascination for those who are young at heart. With its crazy Cobra and Python rides, and the frenetic Insane Earthworm, this park is totally action-packed!



Geelong Adventure Park


Geelong is not such a thriller as the above ones are. With its go-karts, paddle boats, golf course, flying foxes, aqua bikes, canoeing and adult jumping castle, Geelong Adventure Park is for kids and recreation-needing adults. Their wet treat is the Super Six Lane Aqua Racer.


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