Hang Son Doong: Giant cave in Vietnam

 A spectacular attraction located in a remote area in central Vietnam, ‘Hang Son Doong’ or Mountain River Cave in is the world’s largest cave. It is part of the National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang near the border with Laos.

Recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO for its various natural wonders with many of them still uninvestigated, Hang Son Doong makes the happiness of the lovers of the research, the scientists, not to mention those who are interested in caving. 

It is more than 5 km long, 200 meters high and 150 meters wide. This cave offers other natural unimaginable wonders. Among these, are underground rivers where you can walk in the dry season but is flooded in the rainy season. That‘s not all, this cave has several impressive waterfalls, underground streams, spectacular stalactites and stalagmites … 
Historically, it was the place of refuge bombings in the famous Vietnam War. 

Highly recommended for sightseeing and adventurous vacation especially for those who are looking for unique getaway for a few days. You will certainly find new discovery without forgetting the fresh air of nature that is actually very beneficial for health. 
But while all this before filing your trip, you need to itemize. From the little things like things to be carried as lamps, ropes, … including special clothes for adventure sports. Don’t to forget to bring water, food to perfect the exploration. Well, if you still never has been into adventure and making new discoveries of interesting places, this time try the Hang Son Doong cave.

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