Hitchhiking, cheap and fun


Hitchhiking is an alternative way of tourism; it is actually transportation by asking people for a ride, usually those attracting a ride stand on the sidewalk or by the road and hold their thumb up, this is the most common gesture.  Hitchhiking is common practice through the whole world and it has been practiced since wheels are invented and it will be in future.

Getting a ride

In order to find a ride, as fast as possible you must choose you hitchhiking location really careful, it is probably the only factor that determines your success. The driver needs to see you from a greater distance so he can pull over, of course there must be traffic on the road, but too much traffic is not good option, because pulling over is more difficult if there are lots of cars passing by, you may also find a free ride at truck stops and entrances of hotels or restaurants.

Good sides of hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is usually free, but sometimes payment is expected. This is the cheapest transportation for longer distances that you will ever get. It is also a great opportunity to meet lots of new people and make friends. Hitchhiking is ecological.

Bad sides of hitchhiking

When waiting for someone to pick you up, there is always a chance that no one will stop or in a better case you may be waiting or walking for several hours before someone does. There is also chance that behind the wheel is some kind of criminal, although this negative image has been created by the media.

Choose wise and stay safe

If you have any doubts about the driver, turn down the ride, someone else will stop. It Is better to choose a lonely traveler or a couple rather than a full vehicle.  Hitchhiking on some roads and in some countries is prohibited. Choose wise, have a good ride and stay safe.

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