Holidays in Sweden

Many dream of traveling through the countries of northern Europe and often the choice is the beautiful Scandinavia. Spending a holiday in Sweden is an opportunity you don’t want to miss especially in Stockholm, a city of culture, art, modern and fun.

Stockholm is a city waiting to be discovered
It is really worth spending your holidays in Sweden , a country that enchants its visitors. It’s better to arrange a trip in the summer, when the weather is mild and then stay in the capital for a more enjoyable trip.

Stockholm is without a doubt one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The old town is Stadsholmen, its old town “Gamla Stan” is a true testimony of the Middle Ages. Very quaint alleys and streets adorned with many antique shops and craft. No shortage of historic buildings including the Kunglida Palace, the royal palace which dates back to 1760. Another place to visit is the Great Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the capital where you can admire works of art truly unique as the famous wooden statue of Saint George and the dragon. Those who love museums can not miss a visit to Skansen, an outdoor museum that preserves ancient rural objects and has an aquarium and an amazing zoo. Do not miss also the maritime museum in Vasa Museum, among the most famous in Sweden.

The city of Stockholm is not lacking in bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Dance lovers can go to Kungsgatan in the center of the capital. Stockholm is a modern city, always ready for change, to fashion and new trends. The cost of living is definitely higher than but the services offered are really excellent. There are many elegant neighborhoods of the city that must be visited to try to understand the way of thinking and living of these exceptional people

Swedish cuisine offers many dishes
There are many recipes to try while on holiday in Sweden , dishes that are part of an ancient tradition that the Swedish chefs have never forgotten. It is impossible not to taste the typical soup made of barley, Pytt I CREAM, Swedish mess of meat, and the gravlax, salmon marinated fish a lot on the tables of the Swedes.

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