Hong Kong is the best city in the world

According to a Economist project winner, the city has earned first place in the ranking of the best cities in the world.


Have you ever felt the urge to break out of your town to look for a more livable place or ever wondered which city you can live better? Surely you already read some articles that could answer this question.

Recently, Intelligence Unit of the Economist in collaboration with BuzzData has created a contest and, according to the project winner of the competition, the one presented by the architect and urban planner Philip Lovato, the best world metropolis would be  Hong Kong. Following the top ten are Amsterdam, Osaka, Paris, Sydney, Stockholm, Berlin, Toronto, Monaco, Tokyo.

To achieve this ranking Lovato has selected 70 cities, with different size and geographic location, and assigned them scores. 75% of the total score was calculated based on five categories EIU (stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, infrastructure), the remaining 25% was assessed on the basis of other seven indices added by Lovato, ie green spaces, expansion, natural resources, cultural heritage, connectivity, isolation, pollution. Hong Kong has thus gained the first position thanks largely to its green spaces, its natural resources, the fact that it is not isolated. Amsterdam got the second place for its connectivity , (it would seem the easiest cities in the world to reach).

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