Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of excess, and the greatest representation of this is their hotel-casinos. Which is the best? I could not answer for you, I visited the ones I have my eyes on like the Paris Casino Hotel , whose interior is more Parisian that the own capital of France and the Venetian Hotel , because it is amazing to be in a hotel that pass by canals with gondolas and gondoliers in the middle of the desert!

The best way to find hotel is to search with different search engines and in the their website, you can find more information.

Another tip, if you can avoid it, don’t go there Saturday night, because it is by far the most expensive night, due to the large American tourism. We’ll even dare to recommend one, the Luxor , it is a great hotel Casino, which has ¬†half best rates. Although it is always advisable to compare several. Here you will see some pictures of the hotels :


Hotel Casino New York New York

Bellagio Hotel

Excalibur Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

Paris Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

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