Jau National Park – The Amazing Amazon Expedition in Brazil

Jau National Park is located in Rio Negro division of Amazonian Central-Plain. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site. It is considered as the largest National Park in Amazon area and 2nd largest tropical forest and a protected area of great biodiversity.


Jau National Park- Protects the area of Jau River

This largest National Park also protects the entire area of Jau River, for instance observe black-water ecosystem, where you can see the large-area of composed dry tropical-forest and the water changes its color because of acidic putrid of unrefined matter. But at this national park, it protects the species related with the method in a huge area and also protects the hydrological basin of-the-river.  The area is large enough to hold major biological and ecological processes like floods, wind-blows, natural burns and offering quite a few opportunities to research their consequence on the Biodiversity-of-Natural-Ecosystem.

Jau National Park a Beautiful Tourist Destination

It is definitely the must see places in Brazil. During summer the park is wainscoted with striking white sand beaches and during rainy season it completely turns into think forest. The area is surrounded with small streams; they are of various sizes with igarpes and braided channels which are divided from river. The tourists can also enjoy the beautiful waterfall on Carabinani River; it’s a nine-tier-waterfall falling from 800m. During rainy season the flood reaches its peak, in the month of June and July the flood level increases.

Jau National Park –Protects Animal Kingdom

This national park also brings joy to animals as it saves an inspiring range of animal group that includes 120 species of various mammals, 470 birds, 20 species of marsupials and rodents and many more.  The park also provides various activates to visitors like tourists can play with dolphins, swim with pink dolphins or go for trekking in jungle or try camping in-the-forest  or one can also try canoe trip to narrow channels and many more breathtaking adventures are available for tourists.


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