La Paloma – Legendary City in Uruguay

La Paloma is a beautiful city located in Uruguay on the coast of Atlantic Ocean and is located about 8km southwest-of- L Pedrera and around 53km northeast-of- Faro Jose Ignacio from Maldonado Department.  La Paloma was founded in 1874 on September 1st. On 8th November 1939 the status of LA Paloma is raised to Pueblo means village, and in 18th October 1982 the status changed to Ciudad that means city.


Beautiful Oceanic Resorts

La Paloma has plenty of beautiful Oceanic Resorts in its lap. The chief Oceanic Resorts is definitely located in the subdivision of Rocha, La Paloma. It is also one of the most famous and ancient resort in Uruguay.  The name is dedicated to old sailors, generally fishermen, who visualized the outline of a pigeon on the shore, because of waves and the rocks that are surrounded the coastline the shape of pigeon was formed.

Beauty of La Paloma

La Paloma is a beautiful place to visit, the spot is portrayed by its outstanding beaches, whether they are tiny or big but offers visitors much to explore and also offers serene and quite surroundings.  The winter chillness and summer hotness both seasons of La Paloma attracts thousands of visitors every year.  This beautiful town is located on Cape Santa Maria, just 240km away from great Monteviedo. And 100km from lovely Punta del Este, and just 160km from Chuy.

Visit this historic place for your memorable vacation, the visit you will remember and cherish forever. The beautiful La Paloma offers more than what you anticipated.  For this vacation pack your bags and head to the lovely La Paloma.



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