Looking for a parcel delivery service?

There are so many online courier brokers that the word ‘choice’ begins to have a hollow ring. A simple Google search for parcel delivery service generates literally millions of listings and even on the first three pages, you may only recognize a few of the companies.

Wading through these web sites will never be an appealing or fruitful process, especially when we consider that virtually anybody can produce a professional looking web site these days, and at very little cost.

So how can you find good couriers offering parcel delivery services with cheap delivery options that don’t force you to compromise on the quality of service you receive? An excellent way to start is to visit TrustPilot and read the independent reviews in the Parcel Delivery Category.  This will enable you to quickly generate a short list of cheap parcel delivery services for further consideration. Ask a few more pertinent questions, such as the ones below, and the outstanding company should emerge.

  1. Do they only use one of the four global carriers – UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT – to transport your parcel and are they partnered with them?
  2. Do they offer a full range of timed, express and economy delivery services?
  3. Do they pro-actively track and monitor your parcel and help you to resolve any delivery delays or issues?
  4. Is their web site easy to use and can they be contacted, by telephone if necessary?
  5. Do they have the confidence to offer a money-back-guarantee option?

Following these few guidelines will help you find an exceptional parcel service that you can trust.

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