Los Pingüinos Natural Monument – The Largest Penguin Colonies in Chile

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument in Southern Chile and is home to around 120,000 penguins – hence the name. This place is ideally located on the Magdalena Island, which is a very small island of only 1 square kilometer and it is highlighted by a gorgeous red lighthouse. For bird lovers and nature lovers alike, visiting this Chilean site is a must-do thing as there are not much of these kinds of place in other parts of the world.


Natural Monument

This natural monument is situated in the passage of Magellan 21, 75mi of Punta Arena. The surface area of the monument is of 239, 69 acres, the Marta Island and Magdalena Island are located in the center of the Strait-of-Magellan, and it is a significant part of this outstanding natural monument.  The largest colony of penguin is also located on this island of south Chile, which includes the special breed of Penguins called Magellanic penguins; around 60,000 penguins migrate to this Island.  Los Pingüinos was confirmed in August 1966 as a protected area, and in1982 it was reclassified as a Natural Monument.

Protect the Penguins

The Los Pingüinos Natural Monument was specifically planned and constructed to take care of the birds and provide shelter to the amazing cormorants and penguins. The segregation of Islands protects and preserves penguin nesting areas in Chile.   The large penguin community of around two hundred thousand species dug caves to keep their eggs.

This Natural Monument is also a perfect place for a perfect vacation, visiting Marta and Magdalena islands gives pleasurable opportunity to these migratory birds. Here you can find large groupings of cormorants and Magellans penguins.




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