Marriott International expands sales network in Spain

Marriott International has expanded its global sales network in Spain and opened the new Global Sales Office in Madrid AC Hotel Cuzco, which will work in synergy with GSO Barcelona  to support the recent development of Marriott hotel in Spain. 

“Expanding the sales network and the desire that Marriott wants to do on the Spanish market – said Antonio Catalan, president and CEO of AC Hotels by Marriott – is great news for several reasons. First, the growth that has motivated this expansion is based on the good results that more than 80 hotels have achieved since the signing of the joint venture between AC Hotels and Marriott International. It is also great news for the Spanish tourism sector: Marriott has the most advanced tools for sales and marketing of all the international hotel market, combined with the strength of the product AC Hotels by Marriott Autograph Collection and will help to attract more more travelers in search of incomparable richness in Spain. This joining of forces was also the main reason that led both companies to do joint venture agreement signed in October 2010. The need to expand the sales network confirms that we are achieving our goals. ” 

This new team will revive sales in the Spanish market, as well as weaving deeper relationships with key trading partners, both nationally and internationally.

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