Mekong Delta Vietnam

The Mekong River in Vietnam is the natural highway linking the Indochina countries. The river has an estimated length of 4,880 km, a basin of 810,000 km ² (larger than countries like Turkey, Chile and Zambia). Born in China in the Tibetan plateau then along Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam . From Ho Chi Minh are several agencies that organize trips for one or more days.

To visit the Mekong Delta departing from Ho Chi Minh City you only have one day to get one day to behold the area, but if you want to get to the floating market you will need a longer excursion. As usual in Vietnam, not worth trying to arrange a visit for free, then ends up costing more or less the same and seeing exactly the same. This is how it has developed this hybrid model between communism and capitalism.

The Mekong’s Vietnamese name ” Cuu Long “, means Nine Dragons because the river is divided into nine arms that flow into the sea. The vast delta of the Cuu Long (Mekong River) is formed by depositing alluvium ranging numerous branches and tributaries.
In Mekong Delta you can see how it dribbles, bought and sold in the floating markets, yet during the day trip we can get a good idea of what it means to live in a small barge.

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