New Zealand is Middle Earth


New Zealand is one magnificent country with diverse and stunning nature, snowy and lofty mountains with volcanoes, steep fjords, very old lakes, fast running rivers and beautiful beaches. The flora and fauna of New Zealand, same as Australia, is unique and very distinct. The beautiful scenery that the islands of New Zealand offer and the native flora are one of the crucial reasons why it was chosen for filming location for the three parts of the movie Lord of the rings. As Peter Jackson said “it is the best location in the world for this movie, because of the various locations it can offer”.


Lord of the rings was filmed on many locations in the entire New Zealand; the movie is actually a great reason for the expansion of tourism in New Zealand. You can go hiking on the hills and see the majestic scenery of the wilderness; you can see the snowy mountain ranges as shown in the movie. You can also go and see the volcano area where the mountain Ngauruhoe is. Ngauruhoe still an active volcano and known in the movie as Mount Doom of Mordor. Near the volcanoes are many hot springs and geysers, worthy of your visit. Many travel agencies on the islands offer Lord of the rings tours, within the tours are included many of the movie original locations, although one should not expect to see the cozy small burrows of the hobits in Hobbiton exactly as seen in the movie. The Shire location is in the Wellington’s Town Belt Park, and near Arrowtown is the Shotover River known in the film as the Ford of Bruinen. The capital of the Elfes, Rivendel, its actual location is Kaitoke Regional Park, if you Elves are you favorite Middle Earth race, you will enjoy the visit of Lothlorien, the home of the Queen of the Elves Galadriel.


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