Places To Visit in Bangkok


Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. Bangkok is very much famous for its tourist attractions. It is one of the most beautiful and splendid cities of Asia. It is the best city to enjoy your vacations. Here I am sharing some places in Bangkok you surely will enjoy.

Grand Palace

The Grand Place is what Thailand is all about. It is the official residence of the king of Thailand. It has an impressive series of temples and buildings. It is a tremendous place where you can see and learn about Thai culture and also can see historical places and things.

Saim Park City

Saim park city is the land of fun and entertainment opened 36 years ago. It also includes a water park with artificial waves and slides. This water park is considered to be the largest in South Asia. It is a best picnic spot for family or children. It is the most amazing amusement park featuring more than 30 rides. It has three zones, the amusement park, the water park, and a theme park (Siam Genius).

Safari World

Safari world has been separated into two parts one for the zoo and other one for the marine life. It is the most popular zoo in Thailand. It covers up to 200 acres. There are a lot wild animals; tigers and lions, it is ultimate fun to visit here. The safari world attractions are Jungle Cruise river ride, a water flume ride through the jungle of Africa and Asia, water ski, dolphin, Hollywood cowboy stunt.

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