Places To Visit In Pakistan

Pakistan has always charmed its tourists. Despite of the instability and insecurity, summers always magnetize backpackers to Pakistan.

Let’s brood over the alluring destinations that you just cannot miss when you visit Pakistan:


5000years back, this city was a wonder of planning, development and engineering. Mohenjo-daro is today a World Heritage Site. Its museum is well furnished with countless household items excavated from one of the most ancient cities of the world.




Fort-Road Food Street

The food street of Lahore is an arena of mouth watering desi cuisine. Resting across Lal Qila, Fort-Road Food Street has hundred distinct points, all offering the best of Pakistani food.

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Scorching sun attracts tourist to Karachi. The beaches of Karachi are breathtakingly beautiful, serene and picturesque. Near the Arabian Sea, an artificial island, the Churna Island, is reaching competition.



Hunza has been named as the Most Photogenic Spot on Earth. The Hunza valley is enveloped within soaring snow capped mountains. It is the most frequently toured site of Pakistan.

Hunza Valley



Swat is entitled to be the Mini Switzerland of Pakistan. The sights are awe-inspiring. Malam Jabba is repeatedly visited for ski resorts. Many valleys and forests attract nature-loving foreigners.

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Lake Saif ul Mulook

Myth says fairies come down the lake at the full moon night every month. The water is so fresh, tranquillizing and reflective. Nights are frosty; winters freeze the lake, augmenting the splendor.

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World’s highest Polo Ground – Shandur is well populated by foreigners every year at the Shandur Polo Festival. Free style Polo and treats of mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, overnight camping is loved by all.

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