Plan a Vacation to Djenné and Visit the Historic Masque

Djenné is a beautiful town and its very posh and modern community in central Mali.  The town is a managerial center of Djenné Circle it is 8th subdivision of Mopti region.  The suburb included 10 nearby villages and according to 2009 censes population of the town was 32,944.

Djenné’s history is link with Timbuktu because between 15th century and 17th century, the Saharan trade-in-goods like gold, salt and slaves that started from Timbuktu and passed through-Djenné.  Both places are centre for Islamic religion.


Tourist attraction at Djenné

Djenne possesses the outstanding Mosque. This grand masque is constructed using mud-brick, now it is one of the largest mud-brick building in the universe. This amazing Masque contains three huge towers with wooden-poles coming out and the structure looks like a big sand castle. People of Djenné collect money from every resident for the yearly repair of the structure.  Only Muslims are allowed to go inside –the-Mosque.

Every Monday the Grand Markets sprout in the town and it is considered as West Africa’s the most colorful markets. Traders from all over the area come to this town to sell goods.

The town itself the most attractive place full of surprises and fun, the houses are made with mud-bricks and they paint their houses with colorful paints. Just take a brisk walk in the streets of Djenné; you will feel you are in some special world, where you don’t have to think about anything.

Travel Tips

The best way to reach the town is through taxi, take a cab from Mopti.  It takes 2 hours to reach Djenne from Mopti. There is a bus facility available from Segos and capital Bamako but only once a week they travel to the town. Before taking a bus get proper information.

Visiting different places is always fun, when you want excitement and also able to handle some hardship then plan to visit this kind of interesting places where you get the taste of ancestral way of living.


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