Romantic Places | Madinat al-Zahra in Cordoba

One of the most beautiful Andalusian cities, built as a sign of love of Abd al Rahman III to his favorite Zahra, whose name in Arabic means orange blossom. In another article we discussed the Locuraviajes Taj Majal a love story, now we speak of Madinat al-Zahra town with flower name.

Cordoba has many delights to discover, like his famous mosque, Arab baths or churches Fernandinas built by order of Ferdinand III, Holy. A few kilometers are Madinat al-Zahra in Cordoba. Although it is claimed that the city was a tribute to the sultan’s favorite wife, is also true that the caliphs liked to show his power by building palaces and mosques, a way of showing his superiority over his rivals.

Madinat al-Zahra

Built between 936 and 976 by the Caliph Abd al Rahman III of Cordoba, to show love to your beloved. The city is about 8 kilometers from Cordoba Sierra Morena. The city was built in luxury, became the largest city in the West built at once. The city has been proposed to achieve the accolade of World Heritage by UNESCO continues the process yet.

Literary texts dating the start of construction by the end of 936. In 945 he moved the court of the caliph to the city. As described in the texts found the city was all splendor. Luxury and ostentation everywhere. In their parties and receptions the caliph showed the guests its economic power.

Its ruins were discovered in 1911 and barely a glimpse of the majesty that he had this beautiful city, the Versailles of its time.

Building on uneven terrain, the city is built on three terraces superimposed.

The first terrace on the north: the area of residence of the caliph at the top in order to secure a defensive position.
In the second terrace: the official area where the house of the viziers, the guard, gardens and other administrative offices.
The third terrace and in flat area, apart from the two previous areas by a wall for protection. The city with its houses, the area of the mosque.

Attractions in Medina Azahara

The mosque Aljama

It was one of the first buildings to be built. Every Friday the sovereign or his representative led the prayer. Upper Garden is close to an area outside the precinct of the Alcazar. The building is oriented to Mecca.

Romantic Places | Madinat al-Zahra in Cordoba

The rich living

The most luxurious living archaeological site is one of the most symbolic of Medina Azara. The hall was the hub of palace life, a place where major events were held the caliph.

holidays to foreign ambassadors, and other events are organized in this room. The richness of its decoration intended to demonstrate luxury and power to all who visit the site. The salon name says it all. The ornaments, decorations use of the horseshoe arch caliph, the polychrome colors with the characteristic red-ocher

The royal family

Located on the first terrace, the highest. It was the residence of the Caliph Abd al Rahman III. The house was placed on a rock surmounted by atauriques bedrooms and composed. The decor of the rooms also using the ataurique.

The house of Jafar

It was the house of the vizier Ja’far ibn Abd al-Rahman, the prime minister. Its structure articua in three areas. The public sphere, the private and intimate or service. In the decoration of the building was used also ataurique, marble and limestone violet.

Other places to visit in Medina Azara

The military household

The North Gate

The Pool house

The road network

The Great porch

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