Safety Tips for backpackers

How to prevent theft? How keep documents and personal property securely?

The last thing Iwould want to discover is my money, my camera, my computer or any of my property is gone.

When we often travel we  lose focus on what is around us, the people, in the exotic culture. That’s why it is easier for us to be victims of thefts and burglariesHow to avoid it?

1. Use padlocks: large and small. Especially those pockets with easy access.

2. Always tie your wallets at the waist. Personally I prefer it tied to the leg. There you can store important documents and money.

3. Do not make unnecessary exposures like using iPods, modern phones and computers. Better yet: do not take them out! (Although if you are like me you have no choice, it’s best to do so disguised, don’t be too obvious)

4. Try to know where your things are and keep your eyes open !

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