San Francisco Japanese Garden and Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco ( Japanese Tea Garden ), United States, in one of the enclaves to highlight the Golden Gate Park. It was built as part of the Universal Exposition of 1894. The Japanese Garden is the oldest public garden across the United States (source wikipedia). It is full of ponds, bridges, and one could not forget his name a traditional Japanese teahouse.

The Bridge of San Francisco (Golden Gate) or Alcatraz are unavoidable visits to San Francisco, but as we mentioned in the case of Marrakech Majorelle Garden , when you have enough time to visit in a city such garden is worth visiting, it will give you a few hours of tranquility in the middle of the usual tourist maelstrom that we all suffer when visiting a new city, especially if it is a city full of quirks and corners as is the case in San Francisco .

The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco originally the park was to be temporary, but as often happens with things “temporary” has been almost a century and a half and there it stands still. Thanks to a Japanese immigrant gardener Makoto Hagiwara, who suggested the idea of making it permanent.

There is some controversy surrounding the Fortune Cookie and if they were originating in the tea house Japanese garden in San Francisco, but it seems that originated in Japan.

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