Sian Kaan, a hike in the Riviera Maya.

Sian Ka’an is a biosphere reserve, located in the Riviera Maya , Mexico . It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.
The trips can be done from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, a must is Chichen Itza. For those who have enough time or visit the Riviera Maya more than once, Sian Kaan can be an interesting alternative tour.

Sian Ka’an is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean, with more than 103 species of mammals and 330 of birds nesting area for two species of turtles in danger of extinction. The excursion was performed in 4 × 4 from before entering the reserve, and it is necessary that at least one of the participants have a driving license.

Once inside the Sian Kaan SUVs moved by boats, and headed to sea to try to find dolphins and turtles . The boat ride through the mangroves is one of the most relaxing parts of the tour, which ended with a swim in one of the calm water. Then go to the area of the reef to snorkel there. Off the coast of Sian Ka’an, in the Caribbean Sea, lies one of the largest complex of coral reefs. Funds are impressive, and much more care than in other areas of the Riviera Maya, where the excess tourism has deteriorated.

Abundant recommend sunscreen because we spend much of the day in the sun or swimming in the boat.

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