Slieve Bloom: A fairy forest in Ireland

In the heart of Ireland where a pub is only able to break with the rolling green hills of the landscape, lies a lovely walking tour unusual and less visited.

In the nature of Slieve Bloom there is a marked course of 22 miles, if the weather is with us, can be translated into an unforgettable experience for two or three days exploring the exquisite flora and fauna. Rarely you will meet another living thing than a deer, a mole or an otter. County Offaly, located in the heart of Ireland, also has a wide selection of tourist services two hours from Dublin.

The moss has invaded the forests of this untapped territory and it is not surprising to think that the trunks of these trees are green. In turn, shall behold amazed how a thin layer of moss canopy is falling to the ground and the strange and magical sunlight in Ireland will rub off your spirit with its shocking shades.

Surely if there are fairies, gnomes, or other legendary beings, they will not be far from Slieve Bloom!

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