StayPoland: plan your trip to Poland

This year there are many who pressed by the crisis or by caution, did not spend much money on holiday. Or choose to stay in Spain, or relatively close in Europe.

The advantage of traveling the old continent if you live in it is depending on how you use your own vehicle for travel, or buy an airline ticket that are low cost as well as online reservations services. 

If you choose to travel in Poland you can find a better choice. There is a website called Stay Poland that might be interesting for you. It is an inbound travel agency in Poland that works in nearly 10 years with the guarantee of good services because it’s a member of Tourism and American Polska society of Travel Agents. Maybe it was one of the first websites to publish each and every one of the user comments.

They have a complete and easy to use page. The main areas of operation of the website are the hotel booking, car reservation, regular visits to the major cities of the country or private trips, organizing incentive trips, corporate trips, and a tour guide for the users (geography of the country, a list of the most important and imprescibles to visit, maps, holidays, climatology …. etc).

Interesting items

  • If you are interested in deepening the Polish language have all express explanation of the origins, the basis of dialect and four strokes in the vocabulary. 
  • Includes the Highway Code if you are someone that move with rental car. 
  • You will also find a decalogue of the best Polish beers and dishes of the cuisine.
  • There is a list of clichés and stereotypes Poles. Curious!
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