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How Online Travel Review Sites have Changed the Way People Plan Vacations


In the olden days, people planned their vacations by picking a country or city, buying a map, getting on a plane, and hoping for the best. These days however, vacationers can plan their trips right down to the cafe where they will be having their afternoon coffee on their third day in the city. Of course, they know exactly what to expect from all of the places, restaurants, and whatnots listed in their itineraries or at least they think they do.




Simply because they spent hours on end researching about the places to eat, shows to see, best hotels to stay in, and all the other activities that can be done in their choice of city. Now comes the question on how exactly were they able to learn so much without even speaking to anyone who as actually experienced the city. They read online travel reviews.


TripAdvisor, TravelPost, IgoUgo, and Many More


Nowadays, if you want to learn anything about a certain city, hotel, or restaurant, all you have to do is visit TripAdvisor.com. This site hosts reviews written by real people. So how do sites like TripAdvisor.com affect the way people plan vacations?


First, since people now have a point of reference when it comes to choosing hotels, restaurants, etc, they can eliminate places that have received numerous bad reviews. This saves them a lot of time and money from having to try an establishment that just wasn’t worth it. However, this eliminates the element of surprise when it comes to taking a vacation. If  you already know what to expect, where’s the fun in that, right?


Next, people can now plan their budget (and actually stick to it) more effectively. Lastly, vacationers can maximize their time by planning ahead and making a list of the places they want to visit. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of all because they will be able to make the most out of their vacation and they can devote their time to rest and relaxation.


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