Take a look at the beauty of Cienfuegos

The beautiful city of Cienfuegos was founded on April 22, 1819 during the Spanish domination. Located at the Caribbean coast, south of Cuba, the historic town is now a major city in the world trade of sugar cane, tobacco and coffee.

It is also considered to be the most beautiful city in Cuba.

Population: The 4,178 km square area is the home of over three hundred thousand people.

Its history, dominated primarily by French immigrants and by the Spaniards, gave it an incredible charm, including a neoclassical and modern syncretic mixed.

Found locally are French residences which are typical buildings of the ancient cities of Latin America. The city of Cienfuegos is part of UNESCO World Heritage.

To visit: There are a lot of monuments to visit here, among them are the Town Hall, Ferrer Palace, San Lorenzo School, the former lyceum and the Municipal Cemetery of Queen.







The city’s restaurants serves delicious Cuban dishes and evenings are never boring because of the nightclubs. Also visit and enjoy the beauty of Jose Marti Park and make a trip of your dreams by going to Paseo del Prado, the longest street.

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