The beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a famous city of Brazil whose fame is due to its beautiful beaches. The most popular areas are located south of the city and together form the famous coastal strip, with the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Impossible not to remember that Rio de Janeiro is also the largest tourist destination during the carnival, the ultimate expression of Brazilian culture.

Copacabana, Ipanema and Grumari

There is no question about the beauty of the beaches of Rio de JaneiroIt’s hard to say which is the most charming, there are about a dozen, all unique in their kind. There is sand or rocks, which have calm waters or shake are without doubt the most famous beaches in the world. The most popular, however, are the beaches ocean , a perfect view of natural beauty to make a comfortable holiday.

Copacabana : The beach stretches over four kilometers, it is considered to be the meeting place of tourists and inhabitants of the homonymous district. Offers not only the blue sea and fine white sand but also a lot of fun. There are plenty of beach volley and beach soccer and many opportunities for leisure. On Copacabana beach looks majestic in Copacabana Palace Hotel, which over the years has hosted the biggest celebrities.

Ipanema: indescribable charm, the beach of Ipanema offers a more relaxing ambiance because of less touristsIt has the clearest waters, an elegant and discreet and charming sunsets. Verve and vitality there to make pleasant hours spent at the beach or strolling along the beautiful coastline. Many street vendors selling drinks and dishes of the local cuisine.

Grumari : a true paradise, the beach extends in a Grumari environmental protection zone. The view is spectacular and the big waves are the delight of surfers. The Grumari beach, located in a very secluded area, devotes a small part to lovers of nature, the famous beach of Abricó , the most famous nudist beaches for the world.

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