The best places to swim naked

Some of the places that nudists around the world will appreciate. From Iceland to Japan , theme parks and springs isolated places.

SpaWorld, Japan

This theme park is amazing. Taking advantage of the hot springs is natural in Japan. Various areas are decorated with individual styles: Finland, Greece, Ancient Rome, etc.. The rule is simple: take a bath nude. Bathing here while watching a replica of the Fontana di Trevi or in a place full of tropical fish Thai is just amazing. This place is especially visited by locals and is very popular. Visitors should bring their own towels.

Turkish Baths, Budapest

In the country of the ancient baths, one should not miss this place to rest while experiencing the culture and history of Turkey .

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This is the quintessential luxury destination for those touring nudist. Beautiful views and hot springs that are best enjoyed without clothing.

Blacks Beach, San DiegoUnited States.

Nudist beaches are everywhere, but this beach in San Diego is especially nice (comparable with some spas in Brazil) and is completely free of clothing. There are organized volleyball games, barbecues and fitness classes.

In this beach is where they filmed the famous series Baywatch, but do not expect to find Pamela Anderson over there!

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