The fishing houses in Ireland


Ireland has been one of the greatest destinations for anglers in the world, there are many record catches made in the waters of the island and many tourists are now heading in Ireland for a beautiful and memorable vacation. In this country there are fishing Houses where you can book your stay and with experienced guides go fishing, the houses also include fishing schools. There is a group of Hotels, houses in the countryside and guest houses, which are known as the Great Fishing Houses.

If you are going for a fly fishing, you should expect the best salmon and trout fishing you have ever experienced in the pure and clear waters of the rivers and lakes of Ireland, the pollution in Ireland is very low to none, this provide the untouched scenic nature, clean air and lively and strong fish, while you are fishing you can also spot some of the mammals and you will hear the song of the diverse bird species. While trout and salmon are the most famous, Ireland has great variety of fish species you can go for, such are pikes, bass, tench, mullet, bream, roach, etc. but locals are almost never going for this species.

The region of Donegal is one of the cleanest places in Western Europe, its nature is untouched by man and it provides best conditions for a perfect fishing holiday. There are routes and roads ensured to the best places. Here you can go on trout fishing from January till November, while if you want to catch Salmon you should wait for the spring and you can fish until the autumn. Local population is very friendly and going in the bars in the region is a wonderful experience, after all this is the country of whisky and beer too.

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