The Rock of Gibraltar

The rock of Gibraltar is a one really interesting and unique place, it is part of the United Kingdom although is much closer to Spain. The rock its self is very interesting place, there are four time more roads inside to explore than on the outside.  It can easily be seen by foot, but one should know that in some areas, the rocks can be dangerous. The Rock offers wonderful images of the sea and of Africa, besides the coast of Africa; you can see the Europe point, the point where The Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.


The rock offers many caves to see, but most famous is the St Michael’s Cave, it is natural cave where in elder times Neolithic inhabitants here dwelled, the siege tunnels are also interesting to walk in. The Upper rock which was military installation is now popular for the presence of the monkeys, the Barbary Macaques, these are wild monkeys and it is best for you to avoid contacts with them, there are many bird species on the rocks and bats in the caves. If you are more adventurous and bald you can go on the Mediterranean steps, this is a trip that starts with the bird observatory and goes round the rock, there are many beautiful sights to observe here, if you descend down the rock you can go on some of the beaches.

One of the most interesting attractions is the dolphin safari; you can relax and watch the dolphins swim. There are many charming and good bars and restaurants that you can visit on the Rock go visit the Casemates Square, most of the bars and restaurants are located on this square. Here you can try marine food, Italian and Spanish, French cuisine as well.

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