Titanic: the descendants commemorate the sinking in costume

“This is not a vacation, it is a journey of remembrance,” says Philip Littlejohn, the grand-son of a steward who survived the sinking of the Titanic. To commemorate the centenary of the sinking historic cruise ship, the Balmoral set sail from Southampton (England) with 1309 passengers in period costume, the same number as those who had boarded the unsinkable giant  on April 10, 1912 . Titanic hit an iceberg April 15, 1912 and sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic by more than 1500 dead.

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The passengers boarded for a 12 days cruise.
Both ceremonies were  held on the night of April 14 to April 15. A 23h 40 hours of impact with the iceberg and 2:20 time of the sinking of the hull. Daily menu is inspired by the ultimate map of the Titanic and an orchestra was engaged who played on the famous liner. Fifty people related to shipwreck victims participated in this pilgrimage. “I want to start a flower where my great-grandfather died,” writes Sharon Willing, in an American site dedicated to travel. A cruise ticket from 3400 euros is the reconstruction has cost. For these enthusiasts, from thirty countries, it was necessary to pay between 3400 and 7265 euros for the trip. All seats are sold for the past two years.  Arrival in New York wass scheduled for April 20 but winds of Ireland have already delayed the progression of Balmoral. A BBC cameraman had to be evacuated by helicopter. Passengers, they do want one thing: arrive safely this time.

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