Top Honeymoon destinations

One of the most important and maybe stressful events in life is the wedding, with all that planning and organization it can be very weary. But once it has passed you should be ready for your well – deserved honeymoon. This will give you time to relax and unwind after the wedding day, and this is why you must choose a place that will be part of your personality and will be suitable for both of you.


If you are interested in exotic beaches, white sands and beautiful clear waters than you should head to some of the exotic islands, they are scattered all around the world. The Caribbean Sea offers many such spots with peaceful resorts that are specialized in organizing honeymoons, cruises around the Caribbean are also option. Mexico offers many beach and spa luxurious resorts on affordable prices. The island of Hawaii and Fiji are also very popular honeymoon destinations. The kingdom of Thailand offers spectacular islands with exotic nature and wildlife and the splendid Buddhist temples.

The region of the Mediterranean is also popular place for honeymoons, you can go and visit Spain, because Spanish people are known worldwide for their passion and the city of Barcelona is a very romantic city. One of the most popular cities in the world Paris is also a good option for honeymoon; many couples enjoy their time under the lights of the Eifel tower at night. Further east in Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice. Venice with its marvelous architecture and the canals is a wonderful place for a honeymoon; you can enjoy the trip with a gondola in the canals during the day or in the night, you can explore the city with your beloved and enjoy the famous Italian cuisine.


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