Travel Light, Travel Easy

Traveling is fun, but traveling with heavy baggage can be a strenuous and frustrating. That is why traveling light is always recommended.

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One Bag Traveling

Here is one good tip to really travel light and travel easy; pick the one bag that can carry all your essentials and more. This is quite possible and you do not even have to buy a huge bag that will not fit on the plane’s overhead bin.

Essentially a carry-all bag that measures 9 x 22 x 14 inches is the best option. It may sound weird but even a woman can travel with just that one bag. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and the idea of taking only what’s important.

Do Not Bring What You Can Buy

The best trick in traveling light and easy is to avoid packing things that you will be able to buy or avail on your destination. For instance, soap, shampoo and toothpaste will be included in your hotel room accommodation, so do not include them with your essentials. In case you are very specific in the brands that you use, you can buy them on your destination. If you plan to buy some souvenir shirts from your, then you should lessen the number of tops that you will bring.

Roll the Clothes

The best way to be able to fit all your clothes into your one bag is to roll them rather than fold them. Rolling the clothes will squeeze the air away and there will be more room in the bag for the exact number of items that you need to bring. You can also use a clothes compressor or a Flat pack to keep the clothes well-organized and tightly packed. If you are worried about wrinkles on your clothes, choose ones that do not wrinkle easily.


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