Travel tips – how to stay safe


Today, more and more countries are attractive to tourists, there are many financially poor countries but very rich in natural and tourist destinations and possess the great potential of attracting tourists. While these countries are much cheaper, they can provide less safety for foreign visitors and tourist; this is why you must take precaution and raise the level of your own safety.

Information is the key

Before going on a vacation in a country you are not familiar with, always check the country political and economical situation. Knowing what you can expect from the country makes your trip planning easier and can make your vacation much safer. Today there is plenty information on the internet, even by the host country itself.

Possessions – keep them safe

Whether you are sightseeing in a city, or visiting a bazaar and especially in overcrowded places, always keep your valuables at safe place, such as inner pockets of jacket, front pockets of you jeans etc.  If there is no possibility to avoid overcrowded places, know that while in crowd you should show your mobile phone the less you can, wear less gold you can so that thieves have no reason to believe you are worthy of robbing. Another safety tip is to keep valuable items in various clothes. Take money from a cash dispenser during the day and avoid doing it when it is darker.  When parking your car remember always to take you identification cards and vehicle documents etc.

Visiting local objects and social events

It is said that safety is in numbers, so when going in local clubs or parties take at least one friend with you. If you must go somewhere alone always inform your friends where you plan to go. If an odd situation appears, stay calm and leave as soon as possible. Stay aware and travel safe.


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