Are you doing what you want to with your life? I know it’s not that easy to put a straight yes or no to this simple question. While looking at your accomplishments you think yes, while the other times it’s an obvious no.

         For me, personally, the answer is no. May sound odd since I’ve achieved everything I wanted so far, Yep, I’ve been blessed with a phenomenal family too. What else could I want?

         Yet there are areas of my life where I don’t feel settled; where I still don’t feel that I’m living to up to my potential. There are times when I feel a bit off from my life’s purpose as though I’m wandering. There are people who I think I shouldn’t have let go. However, it’s clear to me that I’m not fully tapping my potential. There’s so much more that I want to do. But it means changing things. It means getting out of my comfort zone and shaking things up a bit. Sometimes, muting our ego’s dreary shouts. It means trying something new and taking risks.

          Now by risk, I’m not talking about closing down or destroying my career so I can go after some new endeavor. That’s not risk – that’s stupidity. The risk I’m talking about isn’t about putting my life or my family in danger. Rather, I’m talking about the risk that puts my comfort level in danger. It’s my comforts that keep me where I am. And while being comfortable isn’t bad or wrong, it can keep me back from growing myself and improving my life.


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