Visit Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz and Discover the Mystery

Mystery Spot is the most exiting tourist attraction. This beautiful place is located in California at Santa Cruz.  The place was discovered in the year 1939 and it became famous as it got opened in year 1940 for public view.


Find the Mystery about the Mystery Spot

According to the researches and operators of this site claim that, here at mystery spot there is no connection between the gravity and laws of physics, they don’t really relate and various demonstrations also support the theory, how, well, visitors can observe that, water flows upward direction and people standing straight looks they are standing in tilted position and many more other awe-inspiring facts can be observed.

Illusion at Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot is a gravity hill. Mystery Spot is a slant stimulating visual illusion. The visitors experience the illusion from the mysteriously tilted settings and also standing on slanted floor. Even inside the room the delusion makes you feel the height and direction of the objects are slanted position.  Even outside the building you get the same kind of illusion. To experience this mystery you must visit Mystery Spot, its breathtaking experience.

Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot a Legendary Spot

Mystery Spot is a gravitational irregularity, which is sited in redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California. The area is round in shape around 150 feet and the diameter is 46m. The Mystery Spot will make you startled as your opinion about the gravity and laws-of physics are completely out of way, no subject can explain it clearly unless you experience it by visiting the spot.  The spot amazes thousands of visitors. Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit this amazing place to understand the puzzling disparity of perspective, height and gravity.

Plan a perfect holiday trip to Santa Cruz and don’t forget to visit this amazing place. For sure you will visit again and again to discover the Mystery about the Mystery spot.



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