Visit the Basketball world cup in Spain – 2014


If you are a sports enthusiast, and especially if you are a basketball fan or a player and if you have never visited one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Spain, than this is your chance. In late summer, at the end of August, starting at 30 August till the 14th of September, Spain will be the host of the Fiba Basketball World Cup. The World Cup will include the most prestige teams in the world and it will offer great basketball, including USA, Spain, France and many more.

Spain is known in the world for its very warm and polite citizens, for the culture and history, so there is plenty to see, and to experience. The competition is held in several cities of the country, so you can choose where and when to go. Places included are the most popular cities of the country and they include Barcelona, Madrid, where one can also see the stadiums of the two of the most famous football teams Real Madrid and F.C Barcelona, Sevilla, Bilbao, which are also famous for their football teams. Other locations included are the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is a famous tourist place where you can visit the local beaches and enjoy as some say “ the best climate of the world “, the city is also home to many museums and exhibition halls, and during summer there are also many cultural activities, concerts and parties. Granada is also part of the Basketball World Cup 2014 in Spain and it is very famous for its architecture, so when you have a break from the basketball you can go sightseeing in the city and enjoy the majesty of the old buildings and the technique of the craftsmen. These period is also good to see some of the Spanish league football matches, so there is many reasons to visit Spain in the next summer.


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