Visiting Brazil for World Cup 2014? Check out Things That You Should Learn


Being popular as a country that has many achievements on world soccer championships, Brazil will attract millions of tourists on the next year’s World Cup. Let’s expect to see vibrant festivals and lively streets celebrating the world’s biggest soccer tournament in the heaven of soccer. Brazil has been building its financial aspects as this country was just suffering from high inflation. It is expected that Brazil will have better financial awakening after hosting World Cup 2014 and World’s Olympic in the next two year.

If you have planned to visit this country next year, there are some things to prepare. This is especially when this is the first visit for you. Brazilian people are always expressive and have great courtesy upon tourists and strangers though tourists may think that they are being too expressive. The country has vivacious culture, which will allow tourists to witness the great welcoming features of this vibrant country. Yet, do not be surprised on how loud those cars or trucks horn or native people’s conversation around you.

You might want to learn a bit Portuguese language for better communication here. English is not that popular here and rarely Brazilian natives want to learn it. There are books with simple Portuguese conversations that you can learn for deeper understanding of what those natives say. This is especially important when you make some transactions. However, do not mislead by their indifference about English language as they still enjoy the latest music or movies in English.

Brazil is the heaven of exotic restaurants, serving excellent authentic foods and beverages. It is common to see juice bars in almost every corner of Rio de Janeiro. Even Brazilian native cuisines are as adorable as their exotic fruit juices. Cafés on the sidewalks, barbecue parties at beaches, and magnificent waterfalls are only to name a few of Brazilian venues to visit.

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